Anna M

Anna M
Vaccine: Pfizer
Vax Dates: 6/2021 and 7/2021


What were your main symptoms and how long did they last?: Electric impulses in the brain and throughout the body, muscle spasms, insomnia, panic attacks, heat symptoms, depression, anxiety, brain fog, memory loss.

What Medical Diagnoses and Treatment did you receive?: None

How long have you been recovered for? How long did it take to recover after getting the V?: 3 months 90% recovery. 4 months remaining 10% still ongoing

What do you think helped the most in your recovery?: To fix the inflammation by high doses of liposomal glutathione. Relaxing the nervous system with ashwagandha extract and cbd oil. Stabilizing the immune system with chaga tincture and tinospora cordifolia extract. Melatonin for sleeping.