Instagram page Covid Victims Portraits offers this story of Brandi:

“Speaking my truth. I spent months battling in my head and doing my research and back in Sept 21, I walked into the pharmacy and got my 1st Pf. I decided as a mother who works with mostly clients in the medical field and having a 5 year old daughter that I needed to put my personal beliefs and selfishness aside and do right by my daughter. I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself had I brought home the sickness and infected her. I got a sore arm but was ok so in October I got my 2nd. I started feeling really tired, ran down, and began having dizzy spells. Went to my doctor to have blood work done and it came back and I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and sent to endocrinologist. Throughout that I began getting worse. The dizzy spells got more intense, tingling and numbness began in my left arm and leg, heart palpitations started, headaches started, my face started twitching, my left eye would go blind at times, pain in the back of my neck, pressure in my chest, eyes rolling into the back of my head, brain fog, words wouldn’t come out of my mouth when I tried to speak. I would forget what I walking talking about in the middle of speaking like my brain cut out.

Ended up in the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. Have had every scan under the sun done on my heart by cardiologist, have had tests and scans with endocrinologist, am on pills to increase my heart rate. There’s been nights I truly fear death as I felt my heart was going to stop beating had I fallen asleep because my chest hurt so bad, my BP was so low and my body felt so weird. It felt like death to me. Its been the scariest time of my life. No I don’t have family heart or neurological history, no prior heart or neurological history. This all started within 2 weeks after my 2nd and it only has gotten worse. My life has been turned upside down and I’m sharing my story in hopes that it helps others out there like me to know they aren’t alone! I WILL GET BETTER! I WILL ADVOCATE FOR MYSELF! I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES!”

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