Christina H

Christina H
United Kingdom
Vaccine: AstraZeneca
Vax Date: 03-21-21
Injury Date: 04-03-21

What was your life like before you received the Covid-19 Vaccine?: I was having my prior health issues well controlled nothing huge just, IBS, PTSD, Epilepsy, mild scoliosis, and chronic regional pain dystrophy but all well controlled with medications. Nothing like the current issues I am, experiencing.

Describe your Symptoms and the timeline of your reaction.: On the 3rd of April 2021 I developed Costochondritis gosh it was HORRIFIC where your ribcage locks up and, the cartilage then gets inflamed it’s also, a condition that does not show on still imaging. This lasted for 7 month’s. Also, from the 3rd of April 2021 I missed 8 month’s of my Menstrual cycles I eventually got to have an ultrasound where the sonographer said I had a 2cm cyst on the right side. This eventually resolved itself and, they resumed from Nov till Jan 2022 where they stopped again. From September last year 2021 I developed sciatic pain in my right buttock this then travelled up my right side flank by December 2021,ig had spread to my left side flank and my abdomen which I still have now. Along with lower throbbing tingling lower spine with burning tingling almost like I’ve fell through a nettle Bush! I, had months of fatigue, headaches, itching, nausea, diarrhea. From January 2022 I, developed a red rash on my left foot now along with the right foot turns bright red in the bath, slightly in the cold too and it burns. I haven’t been able to eat properly in months so mainly living on yogurt. Thumping/pounding heart, painful knees and heavy legs like lead weights.

Describe the Solutions that helped your Symptoms?: Costochondritis I used the Back pod which was in ended by Steve August 39 years of Physiotherapy he has been in in New Zealand, along with this I had a few Osteopath appointments and NAC and I managed to cure the costochondritis side and 2 courses of Corticosteroids. The other issues dizziness, fatigue, headaches all went in time. However the abdominal, pain remains along with side flank left and right pain and spine nothing seems to be touching it.

Which Solutions weren’t helpful?: My GP is the only thing I can say, is NOT, helpful it’s taken 1 year to get referred to dermatology, and a specialist in spine clinician that I, am awaiting to see.

When you were at your worst, what percentage would you say your reaction was?: 80

Where are you percentage-wise now with your recovery?: 50

What would you like others to know?: I took this shit because I was on the vulnerable list and I, done as my government, had asked of me yet there is no help or brief back from the NHS or the government despite it states in the leaflet if you experience any ADR to seek immediate medical attention of HOSPITAL or GP! I’ve been to A&E 4x in 1 year with all tests showing Negative.