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Tagged with: Limb Weakness

Kathryn Castner

Vaccine Injury of K.R. – Washington

8/11/21 I received my first vaccine on April 13th, 2021 and my second dose on a May 5th, 2021. At this time I was an active snowboarder, going to the mountain every single weekend and as of...

Vaccine Injury of C.J. – Florida

8/11/21 Due to mounting pressure from my family, I recently decided to get the JAB, while I have only had one, I will not take the 2nd. Since my first shot two weeks ago since then, my issu...

Kathryn Mccampbell

Katie King

Ken Mathas

Kimberly Lafave

Kirsty Jarrett (Munslow)

Lena Loquellano

Vaccine Injury of M.M. – Wisconsin

8/12/21 I received my first Moderna vaccine on 1/6/21 with no noticeable side effects, besides the expected arm pain. I received my second dose on 2/4/21, again with minimal side effects in...

Vaccine Injury of B.F. – Arizona

8/24/21 A couple of things I have loved to do have been gardening and online genealogical research. I recieved the moderna shots as soon as they became available to me. Soon after I notic...

Lillian Hager

Linda D Mcfate

Lisa Grioli

Lisette Verhoeven

Vaccine Injury of Josephine F. // Pfizer

Vaccine Date: 18 June 2021
Describe your symptoms and the timeline of your reaction  Allergies, Internal vibrations, Sensory changes, Light, smell, sound, chemical, electrical sensitivities, Chronic pain (fibromyalgia) Exe...

Mandy Greco

Marianne Rohlen

Melanie Morrow

Melissa Weiss