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Joy Arana

Karen Whitworth

Lee F.

Vaccine Injury of M.C. – California

8/11/21 ​ I received the Jansen vaccine and 26 hours later I blacked out and had black Stools (after I cane to) which means bleeding out. my husband and daughter called 911 (while I was bl...

Vaccine Injury of B.F. – Arizona

8/24/21 A couple of things I have loved to do have been gardening and online genealogical research. I recieved the moderna shots as soon as they became available to me. Soon after I notic...

Lena Saleh

Lisette Verhoeven

Michael B

Michelle Ingalls

Abdelhay Salha

Raya Odom

Sally Harris

Tommy Sæther

Vandana Whitney

Zerrin Çelik-Winter

Bruce Corbett

I received my first Moderna booster on 10/24/2021. I developed right calf pain shortly after that in early November 2021 that continued through the month. On 12/17/2021, I struggled to climb the fl...

Charles Kee

May 19, 2021 another driver ran a red light and totalled my car and I was taken by ambulance to the ER Hospital. My clavicle was fractured in the accident and required orthopedic surgery. In June ’...

Claire Garley

6 hours post, I had a sudden, horrific headache. I collapsed and my husband called 911. I woke in the ER having lost all of my left side I was told I was having a stroke. I was in hospital for over...

Kena Fleming

Fainting, tremors, extreme fatigue, tachycardia, brain fog, migraines, gray/purple color in his feet and hands upon standing, dehydration, weight loss

Michael Moskoff

Major stroke on 02/05/2021. Blood clot to carotid artery occlusion on right side. Brain bleed after administered drug. Lost almost entire right side of brain (brain scan available). Second vaccine...