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Naomi Kraft

Natalie Iannucci

Obrian Pastrana

Patricia Mitchum

Richard Kolodny

Sarah Ridley

Shawn Spitler

Shelley Mcdonald

Stacie Ward

Stanley Johnson

Susan Tubbs

Tina Charbonneau

Diane Lich

Beginning 6 weeks after my 2nd dose, my symptoms began - brain fog, heaviness in my eyelids, poor balance, easily fatigued, decrease in energy level, loss of taste, itchy ears and skin. Unfortunate...

Mary Wood

I received my fourth Covid shot on December 15, 2022. I did not have any reaction to my previous 3 shots. The day of my fourth shot I experienced a flush in my face that turned into inflammation. I...

Marypat Gowdy

hair on head has been falling out continuously with no regrowth. almost constant pain with worst headaches i have ever had.tylenol and ice packc help. itching rash on head ,chest and face.heart pal...

Susan Bomkamp

Neoraphy pain weakness short of breath feel tired all the time still have pain in the arm they shot me in rash , no one gives me answers

Tracy Hourigan

Debilitating, head pressure and neck pain. Rash. Fatigue. Unable to work out like I used to. Post exertional malaise. Cognitive impairment. Diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment in November 2022...

Angela Hardy

I was sick within 3 hours of the vaccine. Felt like I had the flu and it knocked me down for almost 2 weeks . I started to feel better for maybe a week and then went right back downhill. My symptom...

Joel Bloom

I was extremely lethargic for three or four days. Long story short. I was admitted to the hospital on 4/23/22 and diagnosed with pneumonia,severe sepsis;atrial fibrillation, delirium at some point ...

Jorge Merced

Right after the second vaccine, 3/31/2021, I had muscle spasms and weakness for a few months. I had heart palpitations for about a few months also. About 2 weeks after my hair started to fall off. ...