Disdel P

Disdel P
United Kingdom
Vaccine: AstraZeneca
Vax Date: 03-19-21
Injury Date: 03-20-21

What was your life like before you received the Covid-19 Vaccine?: Busy, active, happy, social, fulfilled

Describe your Symptoms and the timeline of your reaction.: 20/3/21 – the day after vaccine, first symptom was parasthesias all over torso, arms and neck, extreme fatigue. Day 3 ice pick headaches, day 4 pounding heart, palpitations and BP of 200+/123. Called 111, ambulance to hospital. Elevated troponin- heart attack. Discharged medically fit 3 days later. Ice pick headaches continued until May/June and resolved. Numbness to face, urinary incontinence, heat intolerance, continued high BP, sunlight intolerance, unable to stand – led to dizziness and feeling faint, breathlessness, feeling of a creature moving in my brain, confusion, memory loss, brain fog. Sept-Dec 21 stuck in insane adrenaline rush of excruciating anxiety. Loss of appetite dropped 25+kg, insomnia, then major depression (feeling suicidal).

Describe the Solutions that helped your Symptoms?: Symptoms easing , nothing resolved. Supplements, rest, cbd, mirtazipine30mg (this has been fantastic for sleep, anxiety and mental health stability although still depressed.

Which Solutions weren’t helpful?: Propranolol and naproxen

When you were at your worst, what percentage would you say your reaction was?: 90%

Where are you percentage-wise now with your recovery?: 30/40%

What would you like others to know?: These vaccines are not safe or effective. We are lab rats.