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Donate Crypto


Crypto Philanthropy is one of the most exciting emerging fundraising avenues for nonprofit organizations like React19.

As a philanthropist, a crypto donation may dramatically lower your tax burden. That’s because crypto is generally treated like property for tax purposes. By donating appreciated crypto, you likely won’t owe capital gains tax on those appreciated assets as you would have if you had sold the crypto first.

As such, donating crypto is more tax-efficient than donating cash. The difference between selling your crypto then donating vs. donating crypto directly can be substantial. The latter can save you 20% or more, which results in a larger donation than you would have been able to give otherwise. That’s a big win for you as a donor, and an even bigger win for those in need.

For your convenience, React19 currently accepts over 80 distinct cryptocurrencies.  Should you have any questions regarding your specific contemplated donation, please let us know at

Why Donate to React19?

Utilizing the PREP Act, the Federal government provided near bulletproof immunity for pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Pfizer and Moderna for injuries caused by their novel Covid-19 vaccines. Those injured, often severely, are forced to lodge claims with an inefficient and inadequate program known as the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). As of 1/1/24 the CICP has only compensated 11 individuals nationwide, with combined payouts totaling less than $42,000. Astonishingly, the CICP has rejected over 97% of Covid-19 vaccine injury claims.

Seeing the desperate need, React19 established its CARE-fund to fill the void left by government neglect. Through the program, entirely funded through the generosity of independent donors, React19 provides direct financial assistance to the sick and suffering. 100% of CARE-fund donations go into the hands of the vaccine-injured for medical expenses. Since its inception, the CARE-fund has distributed over $750,000 to the injured – and yet so many still desperately need support. If you’re in the position to make a difference in someone’s life, please consider donating. (All donations will be immediately converted to USD)

* All crypto donations will be immediately converted to USD and are non-refundable.  Further, no goods, services, or airdrops will be exchanged for crypto donations.  Finally, React19 is not a tax advisor and does not give financial advice. This summary is for informational purposes only. Please consult a tax advisor regarding your personal financial situation