Ernesto R. JR // Texas, USA // Pfizer

Date of vaccine: 04/19/2021

Date of death: 04/24/2021

Age: 16



Vaccine Lot #s: ER8731      Was the death reported to VAERS?: Yes       Was the death reported to vSafe?: No

Timeline of events leading up to the death 

4/17/21 – My son got his first Pfizer shot
4/24/21 – He went to the park with his friend and collapsed on the basketball court.
– He was worked on to be revived all the way to the hospital, was pronounced dead at the hospital.


Describe in more detail your loved one’s symptoms and timeline of their reactions until their passing.

There were no clues beforehand that this was going to happen.


Tell us about your loved one and what you want people to know about them. How do you want them to be remembered?

He meant the world to me. He was a wonderful child. He never gave me any trouble. He was my baby boy.

Kind-hearted kid who would do anything for anyone. He was a loyal friend. The love he had for others was unmatched. He should be enjoying his final year in high school but he is not. His friends miss him. He wanted to go to the Airforce but he will not. I can only imagine him dating, getting married, having kids, but he will not. Grandbabies nope.

I reported this to everyone I could. No answers from the government. No answers from medical professionals.

Subsequent reports made from his autopsy confirms he died from an enlarged heart, one doctor confirmed myocarditis.


What would you like others to know?

The drug companies and the government lie and destroy for profit. I can never hold my son again and there is nobody to hold accountable, nobody who will answer for this.