React19 is committed to being active in our communities. We need recognition of our adverse events. We do this by communicating our mission at special events across the United States. We are also dedicated to educating the public and the health care community about the Covid vaccine injuries by holding webinars.

Recognition of our vaccine injuries will help lead to acknowledgment of our conditions. With a better recognition of our injuries, we are hopeful that this will lead to education of the health care community so that they can better recognize the vaccine injured when they see the injured. Recognition of these injured conditions will lead to more accurate diagnoses which in turn will lead to treatment protocols. We attend these special events across the county to communicate our mission and raise funds to support the vaccine injured through our React Care Fund Program. We hold webinars that focus on a multitude of topics regarding Covid vaccine injuries. These webinars are targeted both for health care practitioners and the public. Our past webinars are available here on our website.

Upcoming Special Events

Gateway 2 Freedom - Aug 2022

Gateway to Freedom. Join speakers from React19, and come meet us at our table!  St Louis, MO August 25-27, 2022.

AF Nurses Summit - Oct 2022

American Freedom Nurses Summit has invited React19 speakers to participate in their two day event! October 6-7 in Orlando, FL.

Salt Lake City - Oct 2022

Support the injured at this event focused on health and wellness! October 5-6 in Salt Lake City, UT website coming soon

Life2023 - Spring 2023

Living in Freedom Experience. (Rescheduled date pending.  Cancelled in April 2022 because of weather).  Possible reschedule in September 2022 in Dallas TX.

Upcoming Webinar Events

PATIENT EDUCATION SERIES - Caring for Your Mental Wellbeing - Aug 18, 2022

Helen Lavretsky, MD, MS, Professor of Psychiatry, Director at UCLA will discuss the mental health implications of chronic illness, living with a new illness, and complications of our unique experience. Thursday, Aug 18th 5pm PST.

PATIENT EDUCATION SERIES - Mindfulness and Meditation - Aug 26, 2022

Guadalupe will join us to guide us through a breathing and meditation exercise, focused on hope and healing . Friday, August 26th  2pm PST.


Neurology: Long Covid and the brain. Suzanne Gazda, MD,  Thursday, August 11th  7pm EST


True Homeopathy, Tim Shannon, MD  Thursday, August 25th  7pm EST

PRACTITIONERS NETWORK VIRTUAL ROUNDS - Mobeen Syed, MS, MD - September 11th, 2022

Dr Been and the impact of the spike, discussions on emerging research, and patient care  Thursday, September 11th  7pm EST