Testimonies of the Covid vaccine-injured to the CDC and FDA

Here, we share with you the real stories from real people who presented their experiences directly to the CDC or the FDA. The agencies have repeatedly heard these cries for help. Listen below:


Angie Bluford  Angie has never had Covid, however her test results showed the spike protein was still present in her body more than 603 days after her Covid vaccination.


Aubrey Fick  “I knew I was facing this battle alone, with no help from the medical community…  This experience has been traumatizing, and to watch the aftermath has been appalling…  We are simply citizens of the United States of America who trusted that our government would provide aid and research in the event of adverse events.”


Andre Cherry  Young college student now sleeps in a hospital bed on the main floor of his family home with 24 hour supervision. “This dearth of information robs doctors of information they need to accurately diagnose and provide care for vaccine-injured patients such as myself.”


Lindsay Burmeister  “We were asked to protect others by getting this vaccine, only to find out that there is no support or protection for us in return… CDC, we need you to acknowledge us.”


Matthew Matlock  “When a house starts burning you don’t stop and worry about how other homeowners are going to feel when they see another house on fire… you roll up your sleeves and pick up a G-D hose. Please act fast, millions of people are counting on you.”


Alexis Robinson  “Time is of the essence…  We need immediate, sufficient, and adequate care for these gravely devastating effects in order to stop the progression of the illnesses caused by the covid vaccine…  Would you silence your children and let them suffer?”


Richard Erickson  “My challenges every day are not doing the basics of life.”


Sarah Gleason  “I learned I was one of the lucky ones since they at least treated me kindly. […]  If it wasn’t happening to me, I wouldn’t believe me, either. […]  My medical chart finally clearly states my symptoms are vaccine induced.”


Danielle Baker RN Nurse coerced to take the vaccine by her employer. Describes her VAERS report disappearing.


Peter Marks (FDA Vaccine Director)  Shares his opinion of the vaccine injury testimonies shared.


Nicole G. RN  ER Nurse describes her life-altering injury and presents the CDC’s own data on safety signals.


Justine Luzzi “The only thing [the neurologist] offered me was good luck.  […]  I am not the collateral damage in the war against disease.  I am a human being who deserves proper medical care, proper compensation, and empathy.  […]  Only cowards would avoid accountability as innocent people suffer.”


Robert Edmonds  Details tinnitus safety signal research and suicides.


Karen Driscoll “Our United States health care system is not addressing the vaccine injured, but instead seems to be sweeping us under the rug.”


Justin Prince  Shares how a once healthy 29 year old is now unemployed and can no longer live a normal life. He also shares how he tested false-positive for HIV 6 times.


Daniela Clark  “Everything that made me happy was taken from me.”



Christie Asher  Mother of 8.  “[The] anxiety diagnosis continued for over a year while my health declined and I became unable to even get out of bed.  […]  We suffer alone until we find each other through social media.  […]  Please stop ignoring the injured.”



Jasmine King  “A few weeks in I began to experience muscle spasms and sensory issues. I constantly felt unusually hot and felt as tho something was crawling on me.”


Carolina Bourque  “These injections…have taken me away from everything that made my life happy and fulfilling.”


Brianne Dressen  “These are not numbers, these are people. These are mothers, sisters, daughters, sons, fathers, and friends.”


Pam Warren  “For several months I could not care for my children or myself.  […]  Why did it become the injureds’ responsibility to [ take care of each other, collect data, explain what type of specialists could help]?  […]  We the injured should no longer carry this burden.”


Jasmine Walker  “33 yo single mother of 2 special-needs children took ONE shot of Pfizer.  “Please help us.  We need to be heard and acknowledged.”


Terry Jenkins “My family misses me, and I miss me.”


Brian Dressen  “The Pfizer vaccine fails any reasonable benefit-risk calculous in relation to children.”


Tanya Grisham  “I honestly thought I was going to die.  This experience has been hell.  […]  I don’t have any answers as to when or if I’ll fully recover.”


A. Alvo  “All of our questions and concerns were met with uncertainty.  […]  Abby is the study and collateral damage.  […]  Do not allow our children to be experiments.”


Kristi Dobbs  “On day three…the effects of the vaccine started to ravage my body.  […]  We are being silenced, abandoned, and cast aside as collateral damage.  […]  If it happened to us, it will happen to more.”


Robyn Handsman  “How many people have to go to sleep and never wake up?  […]  …thousands and thousands of lives are forever changed.”