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At we need help! From our CareFUND to stuffing envelopes your participation is crucial to our success.

Are you a Scientist or Doctor? Join a Network.

React19 recognizes the health care needs of the COVID vaccine injured. We understand that our physical and mental health needs are often met with uninformed and uneducated providers. React19 is dedicated to developing health care provider networks that will provide comprehensive, collaborative, empathetic health care for the COVID vaccine injured.

Help Injuries be Recognized

  1. Sign and send the petition for the compensation reform.
  2. Call your house representative or senator.
  3. Verify the accuracy of your VAERS report. Or, if you haven't filed, file a VAERS report.

Find Others

Find help in the wider community of people who share your experience. Join our online support network, education, advocacy, and research.

Hear from our volunteers

Christopher Dreisbach

Hello everyone! This month I interviewed vaccine injured attorney Christopher Dreisbach. Christopher is one of the founding members of React19 and serves as the organization’s Legal Affairs Director. Chris is currently working on several legislative actions to get compensation for the vaccine injured, and to firmly establish their First Amendment right to free speech. A side note: When I interviewed Chris, he requested I send him some questions ahead of our interview. Those answers, along with our phone interview, gave me so much information regarding the rights of vaccine injured. I tho...
Hear from our volunteers

Advocates in Action: Kristi Dobbs

Hello all, it is Amy Collen again, and this month I bring you Kristi Dobbs, one of the founders of React19. Kristi currently serves as secretary. However, don’t let that title fool you. Kristi has worn many hats during her time with React19, from treasurer, to story gatherer, to advocate. Anywhere there was a need, Kristi filled it with her time and her voice. Kristi’s vaccine injury story is a common one to many of you. She didn’t hesitate in getting the vaccine. She was confident in her research and fully trusted those in charge, like Anthony Fauci. However, within 30 minutes of her Pfiz...
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