React19 is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization. As such, we do not endorse any individual political candidates or political parties. However, we remain committed to communicating the unmet needs of the Covid-19 vaccine injured to our US Senators, Representatives and other governmental representatives.

Traditionally, vaccine injuries are compensated by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). This program allows for financial compensation for individuals in the United States who suffer an injury due to vaccination. This fund allows for compensation for legal representation as well. However, because of the Emergency Use Authorization, the Covid-19 vaccine claims are excluded from the VICP. Currently Covid-19 vaccine injured can apply for financial remedy through the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). However, there are several limitations of this program. First, the amount of financial remedy is very limited. Also, legal fees are not covered and therefore attorneys have no financial reason to assist the Covid-19 vaccine injured. Moreover, as of 10/01/2022, not one dollar has been paid from the CICP to the Covid-19 vaccine injured.

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See the new details on the US compensation scheme for vaccine injuries

“My story is not misinformation”

Tell the US Surgeon General that you and your story are not misinformation! As of March 9th, 2022 and until May 2nd, 2022 only, the US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy is calling for research, data and personal experiences related to health misinformation, in an effort to deepen our collective understanding of its sources and impact. This is called a Request for Information (RFI).

React19 believes this RFI is fatally flawed in its design. We believe that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has already made a conclusion that our injuries are considered “misinformation”. We provide counterinformation to their narrative that the vaccines are “safe and effective”. Counterinformation isn’t necessarily “misinformation”. Prior to May 2nd, 2022, we encourage you to submit your story or stories how you have been censored or called “misinformation” despite having an obvious adverse event to your Covid-19 shot. Please see below for a sample letter which you may use. Also, see the response from one of our React19 Co-chairman, Joel Wallskog, MD to the HHS’ RFI that he submitted on his behalf. You can access the HHS Request for Information site at This site explains where and how to submit your response.