Charlet C
United Kingdon
Vaccine: AztraZeneca
Vax Date: 02-17-21
Injury Date: 02-17-21

What was your life like before you received the Covid-19 Vaccine?: I was a successful sports therapist, a mum to two adult sons and I had a very fulfilling life with my partner of 13 years. I enjoyed hiking, going to the gym, walking my dogs, being with my family and travelling the world. I was happy and healthy

Describe your Symptoms and the timeline of your reaction: After my first vaccine in February, I had 3-4 days of flu like symptoms then lingering fatigue and menstrual changes. After investigation, this was thought to be subclinical hypothyroidism. I had my second vaccine and that’s when my ongoing symptoms started. I woke up one day with completely numb hands and feet, I felt nauseous, I had a weird electrical buzz type feeling throughout my body. Over the coming weeks this intensified, I had permanent essential tremor in both arms, paresthesia, I felt unbalanced and became slightly incontinent. The head pressure started which felt like I had a swim cap on constantly, I had pulsatile Tinnitus, I started to slur my speech now and then and I had extreme brain fog. I completely lost my appetite and the weight fell off me quite quickly, I was in bed most days. I had Extreme vertigo, blood pooling and tachycardia start which I now know is part of dysautonomia. Pressure built in my chest and if I stood up too long it would radiate through to my back and my jaw. Other symptoms that I experience are : Muscle twitching Muscle cramping Post exertion malaise Nystagmus Dyspnea Tremors Bruising Nail fold hemorrhage Bulging veins Stomach pain Bone pain Extreme fatigue/CFS Nerve pain Feeling like I can’t swallow properly Adrenaline dumps at night

Describe the Solutions that helped your Symptoms?: Some things that help me are Pacing Rest Electrolytes Antihistamines H1 and H2 Low dose Naltrexone Epsom baths Lymphatic drainage massage Reflexology Aspirin Iron

Which Solutions weren’t helpful?: Tons of supplements for different protocols that I wasn’t sure we’re helping.

When you were at your worst, what percentage would you say your reaction was?: 90

Where are you percentage-wise now with your recovery?: 40

What would you like others to know?: There are others out there just like you, you are not alone. Reach out for support

What do you need assistance with most? (For internal purposes only, help us understand where to dedicate our resources): Medical Treatments, Access to Medical Care Teams