Instagram page Covid Victims Portraits offers this story of Katrina:

My symptoms started appearing after 5 days post first Pfizer jab. It started off with brain fog, insomnia, memory loss nausea and rashes. Fast forward to 7 months later, it had progressed to having 40 symptoms which includes 10 paralysis attacks, multiple seizures, speech issues, severe memory loss, blood blisters, blood from the ear and so much more. I’m now limited to a wheelchair and get easily tired walking indoors. I cannot make food for myself, sometimes need help to be taken to a toilet and bath. Prior to the jab, I was the healthiest in the family, went running 5x a week doing 5k easily. Studying and running my own business whilst keeping an active social life. My life has severely been turned upside down after taking a treatment which was promised to protect us.

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