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React19 recognizes the health care needs of the COVID vaccine injured. We understand that our physical and mental health needs are often unmet. React19 is dedicated to developing health care provider networks that will provide comprehensive, collaborative, empathetic health care for the COVID vaccine injured.

If you have a provider that you find outstanding, please email us at [email protected] so that we can consider adding them to our growing network of “vaccine injured friendly” providers. These can be mental health professionals, physicians, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, or other providers.

Other Resources

Mental Health Providers

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Note that some Providers wish to be contacted through React19.

TypeRegionStateNameGroup name (if applicable)WebsiteContact emailContact phone number
mental healthwestCAAshley Ball[email protected]
mental healthmidwestMOTheresa HubbardKansas City Neuroplasticity
mental and spiritual counselormidwestWIContact React for infoContact React19 for info
mental and spiritual counselormidwestWIContact React for infoContact React19 for info
mental healthwestCADawn Delmonte[email protected]
mental healthsoutheastFLContact React19 for info
mental healthmidwestMOBrianna LopezKansas City Neuroplasticity
mental healthmidwestMOMichelle RobertsKansas City Neuroplasticity
mental healthmidwestMOJoy MartinKansas City Neuroplasticity
mental healthmidwestMOLisa FisherKansas City Neuroplasticity
mental healthnortheastNYJoan BenderFood and HealingFood and Healing[email protected]
mental healthsoutheastNCJohn O'NeilIona Integrative HealthPsychology Today Contact Thru Psychology Today
mental healthsoutheastGAJohn O'NeilIona Integrative HealthPsychology Today Contact Thru Psychology Today
mental healthsoutheastGAJoyce DillonAtlanta Greif and Loss CenterGrief and Loss Ctr[email protected]
mental healthsouthTXKelli FoulkrodOrganic Mental Health CenterOrganic Mental Health(512)200-3359
mental healthsoutheastNCGisela WeimerPsychology Today
Contact Thru Psychology Today
mental healthwestCASandra Preciado[email protected](424)254-9012
mental healthnortheastPACraig Behls, Phd[email protected]
mental healthnortheastMDTami KoeppPassageways Therapy and Counseling[email protected](301)514-4745
mental healthsoutheastFLCristian Ciora, MDMD, Psychiatry
mental healthnortheastNJCristian Ciora, MDMD,
mental healthsoutheastKYLisa GabelCognitive Connect Counseling Psychology Today[email protected](270) 278-1658
mental healthmidwestWIDawn[email protected](414) 331-0952
mental healthmidwestILMaureen DoughertyGreat[email protected](800) 693 1916
mental healthNational30 statesMaureen DoughertyGreat[email protected](800) 693 1916
mental healthAnna L. JosephTrauma Informed Somatic Based[email protected](510) 414 9324
mental healthwestORContact React19 for infoContact React19 for info
mental healthmidwestTXAnna Lisa ConlinHolistic Psychotherapist[email protected](512)436-5723
mental healthnortheastPAPatti SchloughPeace LLC[email protected](717)873-1836
mental healthnortheastVTMatthew SellersMatthews Sellers, IFS Practitioner[email protected](802)595-2338
mental healthwestCAAnna L. JosephTrauma Informed Somatic Based[email protected](510)414-9324
mental healthsoutheastFLCynthia Earns[email protected]
mental healthwestCAJohn Smith[email protected]
mental healthmidwestMIBethany Perry[email protected]248-841-8535
mental healthmidwestTNLaura OrourkePsychologist[email protected]
mental healthmidwestWIPamela Hamm[email protected]262-661-9642
mental healthnortheastNJ, FLChristian CioraPsychiatristCdCioraMD201-569-6100