Pam – USA

Pam (Age 48)
Vaccine: Moderna
Vax Date: Jan. 8, 2021 & Feb. 8, 2021



My initial side effects were not immediate. It was a slow roll out resulting in, internal tremors, temperature regulation issues,  peripheral neuropathy, new food allergies, severe fatigue, Erythromelagia, inability to fall asleep or stay asleep, light headedness when standing, high d-dimer (high platelet count), lost 45 pounds, I went 1 month unable to swallow pills or food easily, GI issues, rapid heart rate when laying down, face and teeth numbing, internal tremors etc.  Slowly one by one things got better around month 10 but it was hard to notice unless I looked back at where I was.

I seemed to have all the typical post vaccine syndrome issues that others have complained about. At my 1 year anniversary, I still struggled walking around my block. I felt weak and scared. I began to push myself carefully. Walking the block slowly then resting. Never did I let one morning pass without seeing the sun for at least 20 minutes in the morning. I did this for 3 mths adding a few feet every time I walked. I was tired of loosing this battle. Tired of going to doctors, tired of all the supplements and pills I was taking. I didn’t even know if any of them were helping. Moving my body was free and I had been stagnant for too long. I persisted even on the days I had little sleep and was achy. By the end of March 2022 I was able to walk 3 miles with ease. My recovery snuck up on me. I began to gain weight again, I had more energy, and I committed to hike straight up a mountain side trail that  was hard for me before I was sick. I couldn’t believe it but I did it, I went with another sick person and we did it together. Pathetically but we did it. I did it again today much faster, I cried when I got to the top of the very steep trail. I never thought I would see this view of my valley again. It has empowered me to not be afraid to live again my body is fighting like hell to heal, I just needed to try to live again. The summer heat is coming, all is not perfect with my Erythromelagia and the heat of the desert may slow me down. I just need to learn a new dance with the sun and the heat of the summer, or do I? Maybe I will be just fine. All my symptoms directly related to the vaccine have resolved except for that last condition. I am so much better, so much stronger than I was this time last year. I have come so far so quickly and Im grateful.