Patricia W

Patricia W
Dorset, UK
Vaccine: Pfizer
Vax Date: 02-11-21
Injury Date: 03-09-21

What was your life like before you received the Covid-19 Vaccine?: I was 69 and in ok health. Usual blood pressure tabs/statins/omeprazole/amitriptyline. I was enjoying my retirement with no major health problems except lower back problems.

Describe your Symptoms and the timeline of your reaction.: Tachycardia heart rate 190 bpm chest pain/external and internal tremors/pins and needles in extremities/really hard heartbeat/insomnia/total loss of appetite I lost 17kg in 6 months/feeling of doom as if I was going to die/ contemplated suicide/ muscle pain. Felt off about a week after first Pfizer jab. Heart felt strange  so I bought a health watch in March. Put it on the 9th March 2021 heart rate was 190bpm phoned 111 told me to ring ambulance Admitted to Poole general hospital given bisoprolol Same happened on march 10th Admitted to hospital given bisoprolol twice a day which still wasn’t working put of Flecainide When I saw my GP was told it was anxiety I knew it wasn’t Been admitted twice to Cardiac ward for an ablation each time Both times unsuccessful.

Describe the Solutions that helped your Symptoms?: Bisoprolol and flecainide has regulated fast heartbeat but still getting tremors in chest and stomach area Lorazepam taken every night helps me sleep

Which Solutions weren’t helpful?: 2 Ablations/ Chat with GPs useless and heart consultant useless as well/ Fluoxetine no good

When you were at your worst, what percentage would you say your reaction was?: My worst was from March 2021 until Feb 2022 Symptoms have calmed down a bit but still have them I was terrified I was going to die 100%

Where are you percentage-wise now with your recovery?: 75%

What would you like others to know?: That this is REAL not anxiety its REAL. Awful, awful symptoms with no explanation Medical professionals won’t accept this happening.