Patient-led survey of people experiencing persistent neurological symptoms after COVID vaccination For our second survey, we collected different data points to better understand the range of injuries suffered.  One surprising finding was that the COVID vaccines seem to lead to an increased rate of autoimmune disease being diagnosed in the injured.  Our data suggests that autoimmune diseases are a potential increased risk after COVID vaccination.  Treatment guidelines from the American College of Rheumatology have also made the observation that COVID vaccination seems to be causing new-onset autoimmunity. We at React19 believe that active monitoring of vaccine safety signals is essential.  Patients deserve informed consent and a healthcare system that follows the principles of medical ethics.  We call on international health authorities to ensure that patients understand the risks of COVID vaccines.  As well, they should ensure that patients are informed of the benefits as well as the risks.

React19 Persistent Symptoms Survey #2

The full dataset analysis is available React19 Persistent Symptoms Survey #2