Unravelling the medical mysteries of COVID vaccine injury (and Long COVID)

Our survey found that both types of ‘long haul’ were more common with autoimmune disease, thyroid disorders, and certain types of foreign objects in the body.  It also seems that spike protein exposure can cause small fiber neuropathy, new thyroid disorders, and new autoimmune diseases to appear at very high rates.  We call on public health authorities to educate and inform the public about these risks from experimental COVID vaccines.  Patients deserve informed consent.

Our survey findings also point the way towards possible treatments for these poorly-understood illnesses.  The autoimmunity connection suggests that doctors should consider re-purposing existing treatments for autoimmunity such as diet, Plaquenil, immune-suppressing drugs, removal of certain foreign objects from the body, and anti-microbial drugs.  Early results from our on-going Treatment Outcomes Survey suggests that diet will have its place in treating long haul syndromes.

If you’d like to help us heal the injured, please consider:

  1. Sharing the research if you are part of a research community.
  2. Donating your time or money to React19.  More resources would allow us to pursue new research projects such as animal studies and re-purposed drug studies.

Thank you!

(The full dataset is available here.)