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COVID-19 mRNA vaccination leading to CNS inflammation: a case series

15 November 2021

Mahsa Khayat-Khoei, Shamik Bhattacharyya, Joshua Katz, Daniel Harrison, Shahamat Tauhid, Penny Bruso, Maria K. Houtchens, Keith R. Edwards & Rohit Bakshi

"In conclusion, we present a case series of seven individuals with CNS demyelination following COVID-19 vaccination. Symptoms were transitory and responsive to corticosteroid therapy alone (n = 6) or corticosteroids followed by plasma exchange therapy (n = 1). Given the large number of patients with MS who have received COVID-19 vaccination, it is notable that there are only a few reports of individuals experiencing new CNS inflammatory disease activity after vaccination. Large prospective controlled studies/formal registries are required to establish a possible relationship between COVID-19 vaccines and acute CNS demyelination. At the present time, it would seem that the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination outweigh any potential risks to the MS population."

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Khayat-Khoei, M., Bhattacharyya, S., Katz, J. et al. COVID-19 mRNA vaccination leading to CNS inflammation: a case series. J Neurol (2021).