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Harvard Study: CNS Inflammation Post Vaccination

26 September 2021

"Vaccine safety and efficacy has not been established in individuals with chronic autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS). Anecdotal reports suggest that the vaccines may be associated with brain, spinal cord, peripheral nervous system, and cardiac inflammation. Based on the high morbidity and unpredictable course of COVID-19, and the need to achieve herd immunity, vaccination has been recommended for patients with MS. "

"While the COVID-19 vaccines have been shown to be remarkably safe and effective [23], there are rare reports of presumed post-vaccination neurologic conditions such as Bell’s palsy [24,25,26], Guillain–Barre syndrome (GBS) [22, 27, 28], transverse myelitis [15, 29,30,31,32], and the first manifestation of MS [33], or MS relapse [34, 35]."

"Here we report the clinical and MRI features of seven individuals who received SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines and, within a few weeks of either the first or second dose, developed new neurologic symptoms and MRI findings consistent with active CNS demyelination. This was either new onset demyelinating disease (MS, n = 2 or neuromyelitis optica-NMO, n = 1) or exacerbation of known MS (n = 4). All patients responded to corticosteroids (n = 7) or other (n = 1) immunotherapy, with five returning to baseline and two with partial recovery."