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Opthalmology Master List of Peer Reviewed Studies

14 November 2021

Visual Disturbances: Acute Macular Neuroretinopathy after AstraZeneca: Acute Macular Neuroretinopathy after AstraZeneca: Bilateral Retinal Detachments 10 days after mRNA vaccination 22yoF : 21 cases of Uveitis following mRNA vaccination: A case of bilateral arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy and a case of bilateral acute zonal occult outer retinopathy after mRNA vaccination: Vaccination and Bilateral Multifocal Choroiditis: 34yoM with bilateral multifocal choroiditis following 2nd dose vaccination: Transient Oculomotor palsy following mRNA. Vaccine: Acute Central Serous Retinopathy after Pfizer: Panuveitis: Anterior Uveitis following Pfizer: Reduction of Visual Acuity following Pfizer: