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Post COVID-19 vaccine small fiber neuropathy

14 November 2021

Waqar Waheed MD, Magalie E. Carey BSc, Sarah R. Tandan FNP, Rup Tandan MD, FRCP "In summary, rare occurrences of COVID-19 vaccine-related neuromuscular complications are indeed possible. Although infrequent, any serious adverse reaction to vaccines must be sought, reported, and rigorously investigated to facilitate ongoing safety evaluation and to minimize vaccine hesitancy among the general population. Further studies are warranted to better understand the spectrum of neurological complications after COVID-19 vaccination and to determine whether a causal relationship exists between these vaccines and neurological sequelae, including small fiber neuropathy" Read full article: Waheed, W., Carey, M.E., Tandan, S.R. and Tandan, R. (2021), Post COVID-19 vaccine small fiber neuropathy. Muscle & Nerve, 64: E1-E2. mus.27251