Sean H. // Ontario, Canada // Pfizer


Date of vaccine: 08/25/2021

Date of death: 09/27/2021

Age: 17

Vaccine Lot #s:       Was the death reported to VAERS?: No       Was the death reported to vSafe?: No


Timeline of events leading up to the death 

8/25/21 – got his shot8/29/21 – Extremely sore shoulder, vomiting, brown circles around his eyes, rash all over his face, neck and chest. He went to emergency and was sent home.9/27/21 – died. Was found face down on the floor beside his bed.


Tell us about your loved one and what you want people to know about them. How do you want them to be remembered?

A beautiful kind soul. So respectful and so loving. He was a really good kid.


What would you like others to know?

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