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Find a Doctor


Many patients have been to dozens of different doctors before they finally find the right fit for them. React19 works in collaboration with providers to address the lack of adequate medical care most COVID-19 vaccine injured experience. Treatment protocols and care may vary. Find a list of providers here.

React19 has partnered with Remote Health Solutions to provide telehealth for primary medical care. Visit their website at for more details.

If you still can’t find what you need, contact us to connect with a Patient Advocate to find resources near you.

Find a Support Group


We know how difficult it may be to get emotional support from your family, friends, and even the medical community. We hope that through online connection with others in similar situations you will find the support you need. These are some Online Forums within the United States.

React Recovery Forum

With the website VaxRecoveryProject we created our own censorship-free forum for you to get in touch with other vaccine injured people.

You can easily set up an account and see the forum tutorial to get started.


Join several  private Facebook groups

**Note: Censorship is prevalent on Facebook and vaccine injury groups have been removed in the past. While we urge you to connect with others, we do want to warn you ahead of time.

TrialSite News Support Group

TrialSite is an independent support group, without any censorship.

Here you can chat with a larger and more diverse group including medical professionals. 

International Communities

If you are not in the USA, there are many international organisations to reach out to. Here you can connect with the injured community worldwide.

Find Financial Support


We understand you may struggle with mounting medical expenses with little or no income. Review the Checklist for Financial Support Guide (PDF) . In addition to your local state programs, take a look at these financial resources available nationwide.

 The ReAct CARE-Fund provides small grants to Americans who qualify.

React19 has setup a fund for patients to gain access to health care through a grant program entirely funded through the generosity of independent donors. If you’re in a position to help, please text “REACT” to 50155 or visit:


Testing and Diagnostics Guide – Diagnostic Workup Guide: Unsure about where to start with
tests and how to get diagnosed? Tired of having more questions than answers? Our team has found a set of diagnostic tests that may help you and your medical team find positive labs that can
guide your treatment: You can find our guide here.

Lessons from ME/CFS – Lessons from ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome): Lucinda Bateman and her team at the Bateman Horne center have extensive experience treating patients with complex chronic illnesses. Many of their approaches may also
be useful for COVID vaccine injury and Long COVID due to the overlapping similarities between conditions. You can find their guide here.


NASA Lean Test – Do you feel faint or does your pulse race when going from lying down to standing? You may want to ask your medical provider if they can perform a simple NASA Lean Test in the office. This test measures changes in heart rate and blood pressure to detect possible issues such as POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and orthostatic intolerance.

10-Minute NASA Lean Test (provider instructions)

10-Minute NASA Lean Test (patient instructions)


How To Guides: Don’t know where to begin? Our How to Guides can help. You can learn how to order medical records, prepare for your doctor visit, find a mental health practitioner, and more here. 


CVARS Survival Guide by Carolyn Power: provides an introduction to COVID-19 vaccine Injury. It is not a medical book; instead it provides an easy-to-understand framework for beginners to structure their recovery
plan. You can find information about her guide here.

Communication with medical boards can be tough. If you want to demand clarity in their communications, you can follow this guide: 3 simple ways to communicate with med boards


Education and Research


ReAct19 Webinars and Treatments – This series features lectures on topics such as POTS, chronic fatigue, MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome), vaccine injury treatment, and alternative medicine approaches.


1250+ Peer Reviewed Publications: Contrary to what some believe, the scientific literature is filled with case reports featuring adverse events after COVID vaccination. Review this collection of over 1250 Peer-Reviewed Publications detailing neurological, cardiovascular, hematological, inflammatory, and autoimmune adverse reactions. See what the science is telling us.    


React Survey #1 Oct 2021 | React Survey #2 Mar 2022 | Germany PVCS Survey July 2022

Patient-Led Research – Grassroots independent research is happening with our partners across the globe.  Learn more about what patients are saying about their symptoms.



Need an Advocate?


Get help closer to home with an advocate who understands what you are going through and is aware of local resources available in your region. Contact us to be connected with a patient advocate.

Get Involved

You want to do more? There are many ways how you can become actve and get involved in actual studies. The clearest way to help the medical community to understand these new diseases and potential therapeutics is through research. Participate in studies currently recruiting. 

Take Action

Tell your representatives in Washington that you exist, that you matter. Help us reform the failing compensation funds, CICP and VICP.


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