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Because it can be difficult to find a doctor familiar with Long-Covid (PASC) or Covid vaccine injury (PASC-V), volunteers maintain lists of doctors who may be knowledgeable about vaccine injury. Many patients have been to dozens of different doctors before they finally find the right fit for them.  Here at React19 we find providers who are compassionate and willing to help you with your complex medical needs. Can’t find what you need? Contact us to connect with a Patient Advocate to find other teams and resources near you.

React19 Provider Network



Find a Support Community

 Everybody needs a community where they feel like they belong. React19 has carefully created and partnered with support groups that are exclusive for those suffering illness, so our members can feel safe to share their experiences and connect with others who truly understand what they are going through.  Welcome to the family! 

React19 censorship-free:  Instructions on how to create an account: video.   Yale – Hugo Community – designed just for Covid Long-Haulers and Covid Vaccine Injuries. Connect with others and help further science and understanding.   Facebook Support – Censorship is abound here, but it’s easy to access this Injured (PASC-V) only support community. 

Online Support Groups  

International Communities

For languages other than English and and to find resources specific for your local area, you may wish to join a local support group for your country. Our international coalition consists of organizations with like-minded goals, focused on support, healing, and advocacy.

International Communities



Financial Support 

 The injured are often struggling with mounting medical expenses and a restricted or completely ceased income. It is important to first access financial support resources through your employer and state programs. React19 recognizes that these programs often fall short of patient’s needs and has created a grass-roots independently funded Medical Fund, CARE-Fund, that provides small grants for those who qualify.   

List of Financial Resources

React CARE-Fund





Testing and Diagnostics Guide: Unsure where to start with tests, and how to get diagnosed? Tired of having more questions than answers after your appointments? Tired of nothing but negative tests coming back for your real illness? Our team has found a set of diagnostic tests that will help you and your medical team find positive labs and guide your treatment.

Testing and Diagnostics Guide

How To Guides: Learn how to get medical records, how to talk to your doctor, order certain labs, to find a mental health practitioner. We also are proud to present Caroline Pover’s Beginners guide to Covid vaccine Injury.

How To Guides 

CVARS Survival Guide



Education and Research

What is Post Covid Vaccine Syndrome (PASC-V)? Grass-roots patient-led research is happening with our partners across the globe.  Learn more what patients are saying about their symptoms, take a look at demographics, symptoms and possible treatments  

React Survey #1 Oct 2021 | React Survey #2 Mar 2022 | Germany PVCS Survey July 2022


1250 Peer-Reviewed Publications Contrary to common belief, emerging research is showing these new syndromes are real. Review this collection of over 1250 Peer-Reviewed Publications detailing neurological cardiovascular, hematological, inflammatory, autoimmune and more. See what the science is telling us.    

1250+ Peer Reviewed Publications


Patient education webinars This program features speakers on topics such as HBOT, MCAS, vaccine injury treatment, and alternative medicine approaches. 

Webinars and Treatments


Need an Advocate?

Get help closer to home with an advocate who understands what you are going through and is aware of local resources available in your region. Contact us to be connected with a patient advocate


Get Involved

Participate in Research The clearest way to help the medical community understand these syndromes and find clues for safe and effective treatments is through research. Please consider contributing your data to help all of us find a cure.

Participate in these studies currently recruiting.


Donate Financial support for the injured is sparse at best. All of our donations are from individual/independent donors. Make a difference for someone today by donating to the medical fund. 100% of your donation goes into the hands of the injured for medical expenses. 



Activism Tell your representatives in Washington that you exist, that you matter. Help us reform the failing compensation funds, CICP and VICP.


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