Stephanie – Canada

Canada, Québec
Vaccine: Pfizer
Vax Date: May 6, 2021


What were your main symptoms and how long did they last?: Pins and needles all over body, left leg and arm weakness, hands sensitivity to heat and cold, diarrhea, bellyache, muscles twitching, buzzing sensation.

What Medical Diagnoses and Treatment did you receive?: None

How long have you been recovered for? How long did it take to recover after getting the V?: 4 months post vax. symptoms started to decrease. Almost 95% better.

What do you think helped the most in your recovery?: Stay active, exercises, anti inflammatory diet, magnesium, vit. B complex, zinc, time.

What do you want others (who are still struggling) to know?: I don’t think the symptoms are permanent. It takes time to get better. Take care of your body.