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Adys-Bernard Sasu

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

On 22nd of December 2021 i've had my 3'rd Pfizer dose.

On about 10'th of January 2022, i started noticing an annoyance on the right of my sternum and a dry cough.

About a week later I had my first panic attack because the annoyance turned into significant pain.

List of symptoms around that time:

- pain in the right of the sternum, like a penetrating spear to the back, increasing drastically when i exhaled deeply rather than inhaling

- pain when swallowing / Globus sensation

- adrenaline rushes

- palpitations

- cold sweats

- loss of appetite

- insomnia

- general unwellness / lack of energy

- dizziness

Went to different check-ups / consultations / immaging. I got diagnosis as anxiety disorder and depression.

Was put on antidepressant treatment. Kept getting worse.

Around end of February i had the most painful and terrifying episode after a treatment with muscle relaxants. Besides the pain, there was a feeling like a "heat wave", hard to explain, felt like the beginning of a panic attack, flushed with sweat, hard to breath, kept going non stop for a whole night.

I was hospitalized after that, with bouts of these "heat waves" happening 3-4 times a day.

During the stay in the hospital i briefly developed pins and needles and burning sensation in my hands and legs. They did not last that long.

After the stay in the hospital, i was back home, with the same symptoms, and i was bedridden for most of the time. The "heat waves" slowly disappeared, also the adrenaline rushes and the pins and needles / burning sensation., palpitations.

However in the same time frame i have developed "head pressure" accompanied with tinnitus.

By May the head pressure almost disappeared, tinnitus subsided but never went completely away, pain also subsided.

Currently in July, pain has spread around my thoracic chest and back, no longer concentrated in a single spot, which is more manageable. Globus sensation almost disappeared. Still have days where i have the lack of energy, pain increase, dizziness

As an extra thing i noticed, at the third vaccine, my lymph nodes in the under arm were really swollen and hurting. They have stopped hurting and subsided somewhat, but never completely retracted, even more than 6 months later.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Rest, very important that i get enough sleep. A lot of hydration. I see that sugar also matters quite a lot. Antiinflamatory meds seem to help marginally with the pain. Naproxen and diclofenac were the most effective. Antidepressants / anxiolitics helped with the health anxiety that i developed. Lorazepam seemed to help with the pain in some measure. Unknown if it helps: gabapentin

Which solutions were not helpful?

Paracetamol, muscle relaxants, No Spa, physical activity, ibuprofen

What would you like others to know?

It took me 6 months to tie the events leading to the actual vaccine shot. Before that A LOT of doctor visits, imaging and tests, all that came back normal. Doctors are not trained in spotting these kinds of symptoms and linking it to the vaccine. There are a lot more experiencing this than i've imagined. Do not give up even in the worst times, slowly the body seems to recover from this. Give it enough time to do its work! Do not try to over achieve, take it bit by bit!

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