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Alicia Connors

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was a hard working flight attendant and enjoyed motorcycle riding on race tracks. I was supposed to go to a training track in Georgia but the shot made me sick. I was heart broken as I hadn’t been on my bike for a bit and I was heartbroken. I called and had to cancel.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Within the first 24 hours I had a sharp pain go up my left arm into my left neck and left ear. I thought I was going to be an inflight emergency. Rash on my chest followed and shortly after I was in and out of urgent cares and hospitals. Mostly urgent cares with head pressure and very Covid like symptoms. They kept testing me for Covid but it always said negative. It was then that one nurse said I don’t know what to do for you except vaers. Another nurse at that same urgent care mocked me when I came another time and asked her if she’s reporting what is happening to me to vaers. She seriously mocked me and I was not a political person. I was an extremely sick person. I got the shot Aug 15 and was bedridden by Sept 22 2001 . Today I can not do any exertion because I get nauseous faint and out of breath. I’m having heart tests done next week . I have seen so many different specialist s that I’ve lost count. Some flat out refused to see me because I was vax injured. Some dissed me and some said yes you are vax injured but I don’t know how to help you. I have respect for those that were at least honest.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

So far the only thing that has helped is hcq which assisted with the inflammation in my head. I also had an esophagus and stomach full of lesions sores and ulcer. I now have to be screened for cancer every year. I had two surgeries on my hand. The first one failed and the second one looks like it is as well. My hand is deformed. I continue to have problems with my right leg. In the begining it was internal vibrations on the left leg with muscle spasms. Weakness. Leg and feet would turn purplish blue. That leg healed but my right one is in bad shape and doctors are trying to figure it out. I also have had tests that show I have nerve damage in my legs. I’ve been getting shots in my leg and back so far they don’t help. In the begging I also wasn’t to add that all the steroids administered to me made me go off balance mentally. Definitely have anxiety depression and now a new mental problem with ocd

Which solutions were not helpful?

Hydrochloriquine I have a new holistic and internal medicine doctor trying to help me now

What would you like others to know?

That vaccine injuries are real and nobody wants to see you or dismiss you or try and blame on something else. You have to fight really hard when you are very sick to try and get help . Along with that you fight with your friends over it as well. Although I isolated myself because I’m to sick to waste energy trying to make people believe. My coworkers and some friends .
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