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Carla Kamp

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What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

This is for my husband. I am not vaccinated. Before being vaxed he had some productive coughing and a little intermittent wheezing- generally in winter. About 10 d After the booster in Dec 2021, breathing got worse. He awoke in middle of the night short of breath. His lungs rattled too. He went to dr who prescribed bed sounds when needed and a Claritin a day plus 2 weeks of antibiotics. He eventually got a lot better but only for a few days. He takes budenoside now every day and Claritin. Face looks swollen a bit and I can tell still not breathing right. Mostly he blows his nose all day long every day and sounds like he has a perpetual cold. Has this effect been seen? Thank you!

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