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Cindy Sage

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What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Business Owner, Environmental and Ag Consultant, Field Work on large western ranches. Active on the ranch we own with. gardening, care of grass-fed cattle, hiking, skiing, swimming, professional writing and publishing, caring for grandchildren, significant time in the kitchen cooking for two families, traveling. An active life for a 73 year old woman. Minor old-age ailments, small dose of BP meds, advair and occasional use of albuterol inhaler.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

First Pfizer dose Jan 2021; second Pfizer dose Feb 2021 and Pfizer booster 11/2021 which left me disabled for the last year immediately following the booster. The second vaxx made me really ill but only for a week or so. The booster in Nov 2021 disabled me. No prior heart issues. CCT scan score ZERO in 2022. After the Pfizer booster, heart damage (Left ventricle diastolic dysfunction Stage 2) as shown by ECHO; shortness of breath and chest pain, exercise fatigue, disregulated BP (too high, too low) - ANS disregulation) and many neurological and intermittnt cogniitve problems. ACS 5 year risk jumped to 28%. as measured by PULS blood testing over one year. This is a reoccuring kind of illness. Like chronic relapsng. Cannot tolerate stress. Surges in stress hormones are debilitating (physiological stress markers/heat shock proteins). Have to curtail interactions with family, friends, colleagues, clients, general daily living must be downregulated.

All three Pfizer batch codes are reported to be high risk for adverse effects (from VAERS reporting and "How Bad Is My Batch" site. EN 6201 - 10.65% severe effects. EL 9261 10.24% severe adverse effects. Booster FH 8030 5.18% severe adverse events but shorter time to accumulate data on VAERS.

What is happening to people like me who got three bad batches out of three shots?

The worst worst thing has been trying to get medical care from a primary doctor who absolutely will not talk about the vaxx- illness connection; who will not refill prescriptions, approve blood tests (PULS - she doesn't know what it is) and actively undermines my moral, trying to get me to go elsewhere. All while I have ANS disregulation and can't get upset/BP goes too high/ other healthcare workers refuse to treat me because of intermittent HIGH BP. Vicious circle for sure.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Isolating from stress of doing too much, high dose B, C, glutathione and Qunol. Breathing to slow BP and calm nervous system.

Which solutions were not helpful?

There is no control for this experiment of self-diagnosing. It is hard to tell. You never can do just one thing to assess.

What would you like others to know?

Keep trying to find a knowledgeable health care person. Do NOT struggle with an MD, DO or other primary care person who is in denial and marginalizes your illness.
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