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Danny Hubbard

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Age was 74. Healthy mainly. Have Diabeties, Quad Bypass 2011, Gall Bladder Removed 2014, Kidney cancer left kidney removed 2020. Could walk and talk normally. Had some restless legs for many years but none during the daytime. Worked in the yard, played gold, traveled on mission trips throughout Caribbean and South America with youth from our church, active in church and choir, retired as Director of Information Technology in 2002. Had no problems that kept me from enjoying life until the 2nd Pfizer Vaccine.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

10 Hours after taking the 2nd Pfizer vaccine, my feet, legs, torso, head, arms began to jerk uncontrollably. I would get to where I could not talk nor walk during these episodes. Some episodes lasted for 16-18 hours. I went to several ERs in Birmingham, AL, Emory Univ Hosp, Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. Spent 5 days in Grandview Hospital in B'ham and they dismissed be because they. said they did not know what was causing all my tremors. I saw 17 different neurologists during this time. Had MRIs, CT scans, Spinal fluids tested, blood after blood after blood work. No heart problems. Seizures, Parkinson, etc. were eliminated. I was finally diagnosed with Involuntary muscular disorder by 2 of the neurologist. Have tried so many different medications. Still having tremors day and night. Been now over 14 months with still no solution. When I have tremors, I become totally exhausted and cannot do anything the rest of that day. I can drive wherever and not have tremors. Stop at hotel or destination and sit to relax, tremors begin.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

My daughter would help give care by lifting my leg one at time up high as I sat in my lounge chair or in the bed. It helped relieve the tremors most of the time, but when I am in a severe tremor where I cannot walk or talk, it did not work. I have taken Keppra and this drug is very dangerous. It caused me to try to commit suicide twice. My wife stopped me one time and my daughter the next. I stopped Keppra immediately. I was put on Gabapentin 3 times per day, Larazepam at night, hydrocodone at night. I did that tramadol but had to stop it due to the content of dopamine. I was told that my ferritin iron count went from 150 normal to 17 abnormal. Went on iron supplements and got count back up. 2nd Vaccine had depleted my iron. Not one doctor so far would say vaccine caused this problem. If you mentioned vaccine caused the problem, it was immediately dismissed by all 17 neurologist. I am now taking a Parkingsons med Amantidine along with Larazepam and Hydrocodone to help be get some sleep. I would go without sleep to days before the Amantadine.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Amantadine, Larazepam and Hydrocone at night. I also take a Neupro patch daily. Not sure which meds are helping. Some days I feel so drugged up that I cannot function. Sometimes at night during a tremor, my wife could find a touch point on the bottom of my feet that would stop the tremor, but it would soon start back up. So far after 14 months, there has been no cure. I still have tremors. I have videos of my tremors that my daughter took. I have shown these videos to all the neurologists, but no solution.

What would you like others to know?

If they are having the same problems, I would like to know if they were able to stop the tremors and if so, what drugs or procedures did they use to get them to stop.
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