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Donna Haab

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Pretty healthy 60 year old … wife, mom living life. Profession Teacher….. I was enjoying my life Hiking, being outdoors and being with family.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

The day i got the vaccine I should have known there was a problem. The nurse put the vaccine in my arm, within seconds my arm was on fire to the point I was ready to pull it out. Then i tasted metal. It was awful. My arm continued to burn like fire. They told me it would go away. I walked out of the clinic and met my daughter who also got the vaccine that day and she too said her arm was burning. That night at 3am my body went into a violent reaction. My head was pounding, vomiting, fatigue, massive body aches, unbalance like i was drunk, , blurriness in the eyes, left side arm leg went numb , thyroid swelled, shot site on fire, heart palpitations and fever. Went to emergency room was told I just had to be patient and was sent home. I had two weeks of this.. I was so sick. My feeling started to come back in my leg and arm, vomiting was quiet 3 weeks later but everything else continued. Went to house Dr who was clueless and had no ideas what to do with me. Went to various specialty drs for months( immunology, neurology,) who kept saying it wasn’t from the vaccine and It was psychological. Treated me like i was doing something wrong by saying it happened after the vaccine. Currently I still suffer from blurriness in my left eye, fatigue, brain fog , unbalance, breathing differences, tinnitus, that is worsens with any increase activity. Whats most interesting is my 28 year old daughter also had a bad reaction from the vaccine too. Her side effects were worse. She had what i had plus… passing out and blurriness in both eyes to date!!! Again drs deny or do not validate her injuries!!! She too continues to suffer a year later with no solutions after countless specialty drs, exams, treatments, MRIs, CTs, Can’t work, can’t play sports, and can’t drive. Where is the help? Life altering!

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

I did some Iv infusions to help with the fatigue and cell damage. Also did some oxygen ozone treatments. But.. still looking for answers.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Many drs attitudes!! Not validating people who are injured ! In order to get help or trial studies to help vaccine injured people drs need to document and admit it can happen. If the drs, pharma, governments don’t admit theres a problem there will be no solutions.

What would you like others to know?

You are not Alone!!! Drs, Parma and Governments need to help people who were injured. This ridiculous narrative ( it’s psychological or its your body’s reaction to the shot , huh?? Reaction or something in the vaccine does not matter, we are injured) they are still pushing ( mandating some) vaccines but failing to say if you are injured you’re on your own financially and to find help. One last note.. I recently got covid.. I took paxlovid, ivermectin, amoxicillin, D3, zinc. Was up in two days. Better than when I got the vaccine. And I’m not an anti vaccine person by nature. However, Now knowing that if you are injured.. theres limited help or solutions either financially or with your injuries , I’m jaded.
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