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Donna Shaffer

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Our daughter was a active 15 year old honor roll student who participated in basketball, volleyball, FFA, 4-H, horse riding and ranch work.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Our daughter was a active 15 year old honor roll student who participated in basketball, volleyball, FFA, 4-H, horse riding and ranch work.

We had her get her Pfizer shot because of having asthma.

Within a day, a previous mild headache turned to a pain of 8-10 , followed days later by seizures, eye blurriness, muscle pains . We were being told this was from stress and an anxiety. My husband even told one doctor, that she'd had her shot like 5 days prior. He said everyone blames everything on the shot and left it at that. So, consequently, we believed him. She went 10 days with no seizures etc. Not correlating the shot with what was going on, we had her receive her second Pfizer shot. Within two days seizures started again, with other symptoms following soon after. There was always something new so we starting compiling a list.

Exhaustion, body gets tired but mind is wide awake


Blurriness,near and far

Hearing loss

Memory loss

Ear pain


Breathing is worse

Chest pain

Muscle and joint pain

Menstrual cycle is all over

Muscle cramping

Loss of appetite to really hungry then back to loss of appetite.

Paralysis but still has feeling



Limbs turn purple or red


Skin Burning

Pins and needles

Pain feels like electric shocking

Goes from stiff to limp

Took 20 minutes for arm to go down by itself

Can feel body moving but actually doesn't move.

Constant headaches

Own voice makes her headache worse

Can't focus or process mentally

Mixes letters and numbers or completely miss them, will skip them

Previously fingers would sometimes tremble from essential tremor, now hands to elbow down shake constantly

Face has dropped on one side. Have picture.

Leg and feet twitches


Misses words or can't speak

If touched even with feather, blanket anything , feels electric shocking , so will tighten body which then starts cramping

Body couldn't sense cold or heat difference so the water would burn her feet.

Was cold 90 percent of the time now goes from hot to cold.


Gets woken in mornings with a bloody nose.

Intense Abdominal pain

Feet / hands curling

Only allergy was Kiwi fruit, now has skin reactions to face mask, face gels, some clothing, orange juice etc.

They said it was "safe and effective" The papers said mild flu like symptoms . Nothing like what we were going through. We were being told that she had Functional Neurological Disorder caused from stress and anxiety and at one point they were even saying she had to have been neglected, abused, or traumatized and that she doesn't remember. My daughter would say they just think I'm crazy and felt it was hopeless and pointless to go to doctors.

Thank goodness we had the support, prayers, and love from our community, surrounding communities and beyond. With their help we began to try and seek help from someone/anyone.

We then ,through another local resident, were hooked up with some doctors that after doing blood work on Donna showed she had Neuro and vascular inflammation. They paired Donna with a doctor, Robin Rose of Terrain Health in Connecticut. We began treatment with Tracey Sheedy there, who started Donna on Ivermectrin, Low Dose Naltrexone, supplements, and some other medications. Within several days on the Ivermectin we saw a difference in her. She was already looking better and her energy was improving. Month after month has passed. Tracey has been and will continue, to be amazing in our lives.

A organization evolved called React19. These wonderful people are helping vaccine injured. They accepted our application and we have been able to continue meds , supplements, etc.

React19 has also led us to a additional resource system, the FLCCC and Dr. Pierre Kory . He has added additional treatment protocol that seems to be getting Donna to a even better level of recovery.

When I think about how Donna was early on , I see so much improvement. She still deals with some daily symptoms but says she can tolerate that stuff. Thankfully no heavy duty debilitating things like burning skin, seizures, paralysis, etc. The biggest , greatest, most wonderful improvement is that she seems to have a pretty much normal, physical activity level now. She is riding horses, currently doing volleyball (yayyy), a full school day . She even took a job with a daycare the month prior to school starting. I can't even begin to explain what it's like to see her getting her life back. We could not continue on this path if it wasn't for React19.

Thank you to support groups like REACT19, we are finding support, understanding, and yes, the love from people going through what we are. This organization depends on donations to continue helping people with vaccine injuries. I ask that everyone please check this site out and look at the stories , podcasts, videos, info, resources, etc of people . It will touch your heart in so many ways. I will be also sharing some links in the comments.

Please, share my story and “Please donate to”

What would you like others to know?

There are people getting hurt by these shots. Because we are denied being believed, it is causing more harm. This needs to be acknowledged so that we can receive compassion, research medical help, and peace, and save others.
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