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Dusan Palka

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

musician/writer/farmer, normal life, active, kids, wife, selfemployed T1D since 2002 on LCHP diet managed with insulin therapy average HbA1C <5

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

initial reaction was fever of 104F the night after vaccination, it gradually resolved in three days, eventually developed during following month Polyneuropathy, rapid heartbeat looking like strange palpitations - probably vagus nerve impairment

by August it was accompanied with, severe headache, POTS, MCAS, vision worsened too, lost sense of smell , sound sensitivity

totally bed or chair or porch bound until late December 2021

since January 2022 i can do one task a day, anything more will crash me again and recovery takes up to 5 days

walking more than a block or two is still a problem

unable to use left hand effectively since the vaccination = a bit of a disaster for a guitar player

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

ivm 12mg helped IMO with the initial problems - recovered sense of smell, it stopped progression to worse in August 2021 colchicine 1.5mg daily in split dose .5mg - 1mg took the edge of the pain and burning when i had relapse in January 2022 after extensive snow removal day sitting in a tub of cold water , yes sounds crazy but it helps with pain 2x daily loratadine 10mg D3 K2, A, E,, B complex, C for supportive care doing nothing and meditation MCAS diet with no beef, etc...steady diet of pork and romaine lettuce all diary only from goat and use it sparsely no egg yolks not crossing legs ever helps with leg neuropathy going down kneeling slowly, standing up in 3 or more steps doubling reader glasses correction ear plugs

Which solutions were not helpful?

visit to neurology visit to cardiology NAC, magnesium, NSAIDs - worsend the MCAS calling FDA and CDC reporting to VAERS - mysteriously the initial report was changed twice already without my or my GP involvement and my appendix to it was never included, now it states date of my vaccination incorrectly, place of my residence and age is incorrect, my symptoms have been changed etc. - dystopia all around

What would you like others to know?

when neurologist tries to shove vax reaction to the MS diagnosis and milk you for more cash tell them to shove it when cardiology wants to do stress test expect bad week afterwards expect to pay for many things out of your pocket expect hate from everybody including family expect extreme censorship and dismissal from doctors expect major hit to your finances expect complete different life read my recount at
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