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Elizabeth Delabarre

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What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Please see attached. My son had strange symptoms and is a baseball player. We are now almost a year out and I am thankful he hasn't had any heart trouble. I am still trying to get a Report ID from VAERS. See below.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Sadly my ex took our teenager to get Pfizer without my consent last August. VAERS has updated their system with a fillable PDF form which is way better than the long form that had to be filled out before.

I tried to send the PDF to report my son's (thankfully mild) adverse events in Jan 2022, but got this error message: Please upload the writable PDF form that you downloaded, completed and saved. A scanned copy will not work. Please Try Again. (I got an automated response to my email, but nothing else.)

Since I am using the downloaded PDF form and not a scanned copy, I emailed them, attached the report and sent it off and forgot about it. I just found it cleaning my desktop, and tried to resend it. I got the same error message. I emailed them again, but decided I should call.

Surprisingly, there was no hold time! The rep confirmed receipt of my recent email, and stated that as reports were gone through, I would get a Report ID, but that there was a backlog. I double checked my email to make sure I had no response from them from my Jan. email, and I didn't. I asked, "backlog from January?" And she said, "Yes."

Much like having to fill out the long form for the MMR when we lost our religious exemption, I wonder how many people are going to try repeatedly to do this. Even I forgot about it but luckily found the form in my downloads folder. And all the stats we have are not including the PDFs since they apparently have so many they haven't gotten to mine from January!

What would you like others to know?

My son appears to be fine (although who can know the longterm effects?), but CHD advised letting you know. Thank you for your work.
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