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George Goloby

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Outdoorsman, birding, farming, taking care of our house, land, and cars. Retired from the City and took customers on nature hikes and birding trips. Walked, rode my bike, gave large parties with family and friends. Very sociable and a loving husband and father, and grandfather.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

(Wife is writing due to husband's inability to concentrate and use hands long enough to complete) His symptoms began about a month after the Moderna. I noticed he was having difficulty walking and eating because he said his throat was dry and couldn't swallow. He was very anxious and went to the Dr who gave him antianxiety meds. They didn't work. He had difficulty walking or riding his bike and gave it up. By July he went to the hospital and had PT and OT help him use a walker. He was sent to a behavior hospital because they couldn't find anything wrong in MRI of the brain, so they thought he was severely depressed and anxious. He was overmedicated and suffered serotonin syndrome. I tried to get them to test him for Transverse Myelitis but could not convince anyone to do so. He was hospitalized for 2 months, not walking or eating, lost 40 pounds, from 170 to 130, then down to 110. G-Tube procedure done who he wouldn't starve. He had a blood clot in his R leg. He finally went to rehab and could walk 150 feet with a gate belt and PT assistant. Mentally he remembers how to do the taxes, what needs to be done to the cars, etc, but he repeats himself, "please help me" and thinks he will be taken away from home. He is hypersensitive to sound and touch and doesn't even want a pat on the shoulder or hug. He never watches TV or reads. He was a prolific reader, used to write articles, and ran a business. He cannot handle anything for more than a few minutes.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

He has not been diagnosed with anything except his symptoms - UTI, Pressure sores stage 2, infections, etc. He needs help finding someone who can diagnose him and treat him.

Which solutions were not helpful?

He has never been offered any solutions. The hospital kept him for 2 months and let him go down more, and refused to let me take him home to seek help elsewhere. They almost drained his Medicare. The Psych Dr kept wanting to take him to the Senior Behavior unit, even though I kept insisting that his problem was Autoimmune. Finally he was released to a skilled nursing which helped some, but no diagnosis. Neurologists did MRIs and EEGs and found nothing. I believe IVIG might have helped, or Plasmaphoresis.

What would you like others to know?

We need help finding doctors who can treat him with the correct diagnosis of Covid Vax Injury - don't trust vaccines that have not been studied.
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