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Helene Schuck

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Before my vaccine, I was an active wellness coach doing high altitude training, bodybuilding, calisthenics, yoga, tai chi, qigong, breathwork, and more in the rocky mountains. I had just graduated with my first hard-earned degree with honors (magna cum laude). I was an EMT-B and cardiology technician for years while I attended parts of paramedic and nursing school before switching my degree to integrative health. I enjoyed going out to connect with friends and family. Even bring them out to the mountains with me to hike or just to picnic and laugh. I had dreams of opening my own wellness business to pull people away from toxic lifestyles and connect people back to their true passions, authenticity, nature, and kindle excitement about their health. Now I don't see most of my family at all and lost friends because I refuse to get vaccinated again and because my injury was so controversial for them. I'm considered "dirty". Some have adjusted, but can't seem to even say the words "vaccine injury" or bring it up in general. Many once close family members and friends never want to see me again because I got injured and I won't be "properly vaccinated". I also had to leave Colorado. I was having trouble breathing and adjusting to the altitude from the heart and brain issues caused by the Pfizer vaccine. I also couldn't afford to live there anymore as I continue to apply for disability and struggle to work in my new conditions and my debts mount.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

5 minutes after I was injected with Pfizer for the first and only time, I began to feel tingling, like a numbing rain, down my arms and then the rest of my body. Extreme pain in my left deltoid injection site would shoot through my arm/fingertips then back up through my shoulder blade and left ear and face. Shooting, sharp, relentless electric pain. The room began to spin and I was helped to the ground by pharmacists. I couldn't control my arms, legs, eyes, or body and I began to convulse. I have memory loss, but remember spots of going in and out of convulsions, eyes shaking violently, and my body contracting. Even choking on my own throat as it spasmed shut and open. Chest cramping.

For days I was paralyzed and convulsing. I was given Valium for 3 months (taking even 2-4 hours) to stop the convulsions (possible seizures). I developed symptoms of what I and others described as Bell's Palsy on my left injection side. I was breathing maybe 2x per min. at the beginning. My chest hurt, my eyes would go in different directions and shake. After months of begging, I was finally referred to a cardiologist who found an SVT arrhythmia and possible POTS. My heart rate will jump up to 160 bpm and down to 40 bpm. My blood pressure will fluctuate similarly. I used to be around 70 bpm and 60 when I was in deep meditation. I never saw my heart rate go beyond 140 when running in the mountains before vaccination. Exercise can still trigger convulsions and heart arrhythmia. Going upstairs remains very risky and triggering.

My body felt as if it was being electrocuted as the buzzing didn't stop. The tinnitus and TMJ was gradual and I cannot recall exactly when I noticed it but it has gotten loud. Loud sounds began to trigger my convulsions and what a few neurologists called "vestibular migraines", which involve spinning, auroras, headache, vomiting, convulsions, loss of bowel control, memory loss, drooling, trouble speaking, ataxia, loss of time, and uncontrollable sleeping episodes (could be seizures as well).

My period was almost non-existent when my next cycle arrived. I had never seen anything like it and was scared. through my injury it intensified and became unbearable. I would have my worst convulsions and episodes of arrhythmia during my period. I had found myself in disarray on the bathroom floor after convulsion episodes involving vomiting and worse for multiple cycles. My hair began to fall out. My period hasn't been right since, however.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Cannabinoids such as high doses of CBD or CBD-A with appropriate ratios of CBN (helps prevent my convulsions/seizures/migraines to this day as missing doses can be detrimental), and THC in moderate amounts NOT high levels as that overstimulates my nervous system. I also take these as blood thinners and it has helped relieve my blood pressure and chest pain. CBG helped wit muscle tension and sleep. CBD and CBN is a must for me to function. I require a minimum of 75mg of ingestable CBD and CBN a day to prevent convulsions/possible seizures. What helped me the most at the beginning was Valium, as that was the only medication that didn't paralyze me. I felt almost normal when I was on it. However, it was not sustainable with its long-term effects but was a lifesaver during the emergency stages of my injury. Frequency therapy was amazing. I was placed on a frequency bed between 5 and 78 Hz and was able to get my convulsions under control. This was paired with a type of somatic massage and I wouldn't need Valium for 24hrs. I also did sessions with a bio charger. Some would trigger my episodes, some would bring me tremendous relief. rTMS treatments were also helpful along with biomats. Physical therapy was huge but complicated, as this was new ground for me and others. I wish I had more access to OT and speech therapy as my face still paralyzes and has weakness and i'm having to relearn to cook and clean in my new body. Taking things to detox my brain helped. I was recommended to take a detox-type tincture called CytoDetox which has ingredients such as clinoptilolite zeolite, phosphatidylcholine, and fulvates. This helped a lot with brain fog. High-quality Omega 3s. I could tell these helped my brain become more normal faster. Vitamin B’s and iron have always helped me and came in strong for this recovery. Yam-derived progesterone cream I applied lightly at a fraction of the dose topically to help my convulsion/migraine/possible seizure activity during my periods. It helped a lot with period symptoms in general and reduced the vaccine injury symptoms period and migraine-wise. It also helped with the fatigue.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Meloxicam and gabapentin re-paralyzed me like sleep paralysis that lasted almost 2 days. The VNG test could help diagnose and identify issues, but it really made all my symptoms worse. I couldn't get my eyes to straighten out or dilate appropriately for weeks. I was endlessly spinning and missed a week of work. I had to lower my hours until having to leave my position altogether to move to a lower elevation. Going to western medical doctors and specialists did not help much and in retrospect, put me in more danger than relief more often than not during my injury and recovery.

What would you like others to know?

To do what is right for your body and not what others tell you is right for your body. Stand up for yourself and say no when you know something isn't right. Think critically and do your research. Then do some more research because there is so much that isn't what it seems. It is also time to speak up about this. Stand your ground and speak your truth. No one should be hurt like this ever. No one should make billions off of others' disabilities.
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