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Iris De Boer

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

2020 Started out to be a good year. I was working in IT for 36 hours a week. I had my own travel organization for 25 hours a week. I was working out for 20 hours a week. I had a partner, a house, lots of friends and a busy social life here in the Netherlands. Then Covid struck and my travel organization made a free fall. I had to pull out travelers from all over the world, had to cancel a lot of tours paid up front but didn't get financially compensated. Lots of work and a financial disaster. Later on, 4 of my friends got long-covid (only one recovered so far) and 2 acquintances died. This disease was getting a real unpredictable b*tch. I was quite relieved when the Covid vaccines were released. This might be a solution for all problems. Relieved but also suspicious. In a normal procedure, medications are tested for over 10 years, and suddenly all was set and done in less than a year. But thanks to the vaccines, travel business started up again and for me to continue my travel organization, I had to get vaxed since this was a requirement to enter almost every country in the world. In June 2021 I did my last round of research and couldn't find anything fishy. Millions and millions of people were vaxed already and so far 5 people had terrible side effects with AstraZeneca. I should be safe with Pfizer. So I took a shot at it. A fatal mistake.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

After my first shot I started to get restless legs, my sight went a bit blurry and my period became irregular. My GP was on holiday, so I went to a different doctor but she said I was probably in menopause, since I was 43 years old. And so I got my second shot in July. Things went very wrong very fast after that.

I got spasms, fasciculations, stuttering, muscle pain, joint pain, lost control over my blatter, terrible headaches, brainfog, blurry sights, diarrhea, concentration problems, tired all day, lost all my toe nails, dizzy, sleepless (due to pain and spasms), weight loss, felt like ants were crawling over my skin or someone was stucking needles in me, I felt nothing during sex (turned into a Sahara down under), lost coordination, tingling, lost taste and smell, got nightmares, irregalur periods, overstimulated, night sweats, forgetfull (Alzheimer light?) and loss of strength. I ended up with a half paralyzed left side and trembling like a vibrator on the ER 4 weeks later but was sent home since it was not 'life threatening'. My partner drove me to another ER but I was sent home again. I ended up with my GP early the next morning. He gave me a tranquilizer and concluded this was caused by the vaccine, since he had seen 4 other just like me after the jab and many videos from all over the world warning for exactly these problems (videos I hadn't found). Unfortunately, he did not know how to cure me. I was sent to the neurologist, who said I had a 'hypersensitive nerve system caused by the vaccine'. Apparently, this was not uncommon, happened after a lot of vaccines and should decline over time. So time passed and my symptoms did not decline. The neurologist suggested it might be FND or MS and did some extra testing. According the MRI I had brain and nerve damage. It might improve in 2 years but I should be aware some symptoms should never dissappear. Cause "unknown". Might have been myelitis transverna or GBS or neurosarcoidoses but it wasn't MS. I was sent home with this diagnosis. No help, support, medication, advice, help or anything. I started experimenting with supplements and workouts. Some symptoms disappeared and some got less intense. I had to give up my travel organization after all. I'm only able to work 50% on my IT work. I hardly have energy for a social life anymore. Some friends left because they think I'm crazy. I'm socially excluded because I do not have all 'voluntary' vaccines. For instance, I cannot travel to Canada to visit relatives because I didn't get a booster. My partner is struggling with 'the new me'. The thought of suicide has crossed my mind more than once.

I started a support group and soon 1500 people who were injured just like me asked for help. I guess I was still pretty naive at that time, I thought the world didn't know this could happen if you get vaxed. I wrote every member of government, health care organizations, research centers, authorities regarding vaccines and side effects, ombudsman, ema, pfizer, press, human rights organizations, etc. But they knew. They just didn't want anyone else to know. Still, we are silenced and don't get any help or support. In the famous words of Orwell: "Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than other." And in this brave new world, you are less equal if you're a vaccine injured. You're just a minor inconvenience for the rich society who want to make more money over your dead or damaged body.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Ivermectin, CBD, vitamins, a weighted blanked and Artesunate helped to relieve the symptoms

Which solutions were not helpful?

NAC Gluthation, accupuncture, vedicinals weren't helping me.
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