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Jacob Nixon

Tagged with: Heart Issues,

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Busy. I have 2 Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and my wife has Borderline Personality Disorder. I manage a large department in a very busy grocery store in Texas. My life was non-stop, taking care of myself and everyone else.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

In January 22, 3 months after my last booster, I was diagnosed with hypertension. My numbers were very high, averaging 180/110 with heart rate of 100bpm. I was placed on losartan and felt as if I was tired all of time. I remember feeling mounting stress and anxiety a lot of the time. In late March I began having daily, debilitating headaches. I saw my Dr and he prescribed butalbital, with no effect. By mid-April he moved on to prescribing sumatriptan, with no effect. I went to the ER on May 7th and their migraine cocktail did not work. I was told to see a neurologist. I changed PCPs and was referred to a neurologist. On May 17th I was placed on short term disability from work. I was prescribed topomax and more sumatriptan, this was no help. My blood pressure was 180/110 with a heart rate of 140bpm. My Dr prescribed propranolol, which lowered my numbers to 170/100 at 90bpm. Meanwhile, I was on bed rest with headaches that hit 8/10 every day. Ice and Tylenol were my only relief. In late June I saw a neurologist who ordered images and prescribed me a muscle relaxer. This had little effect on the headaches. In mid-July my PCP raised my losartan due to extremely high blood pressure and heart rate. She gave me a steroid shot for sciatica I had been dealing with, and the shot broke the migraine cycle and I was headache free for 2 days. When I got my next migraine it wasn't as severe. I met again with the neurologist and was diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia and Chronic Migraine Disorder with tinnitus. They said in March my body and mind were under such extreme stress that it caused these genetic predispositions to present themselves all at the same time and the extreme inflammation is to blame for my daily migraines. My blood pressure was elevated to 150/110 90bpm in the neurologist office, so they referred me to a cardiologist. The next step is I receive Botox injections and continue with muscle relaxers. I'll have to repeat these Botox injections every 90 days, if they do in fact help. If not, we have to try something else.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Getting a steroid shot that broke the migraine cycle and raising losartan have been the best solutions so far for my migraines. I still require bed rest and ice on my head to get through the day. Propranolol lowered my blood pressure and heart rate to 150/100 90bpm, but these numbers are still elevated and thus I am considered to have uncontrolled Hypertension.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Medications such as butalbital, topomax and sumatriptan weren't helpful in treating my migraines. My hypertension is still considered uncontrolled.

What would you like others to know?

This happened out of nowhere. One day I was fine, the next I was have debilitating headaches and was placed on short term disability. The neurologist feels that it was all stress induced, yet I take medication to manage stress and anxiety. This daily migraine has lasted 4 months and has caused financial trouble, relationship issues, depression, anxiety and stress. I'm not even close to being the person I was before this happened.
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