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Joe T

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What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

My mom was in her 70s and healthy. She would walk 3-5 miles a day, every other day, outdoors, and made an effort to eat healthy, etc. She regularly walked over the bridges over the inland waterway in Melbourne, Fl where she lived in an apt. At our suggestion, she got the Moderna vaccine in late March 2021. She deteriorated neurologically overnight and died in January 2022.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

My mom received the first shot of the Moderna vaccine and immediately experienced neurological issues with the first day. Her first two symptoms were not being to open a peanut butter jar, and then having to use two hands to push the button for the elevator in her apt building.

She saw several neurologists and was investigated for MS, Park, MG, and other conditions. She was also given a spinal tap after she had deteriorated so much in just a few short months.

By Aug 7, the Mayo Clinic said that she had ALS and that it had nothing to do with the vax (doctor said she must have already had ALS and that the vac triggered her symptoms. She went from losing the ability to speak, to losing ability to walk, to stand to move her limbs, to being able to eat, to being able to breathe. She died January 2022.

In early August 2021, I called and spoke with numerous ALS clinics across the US- I have those contacts. Across the US, my mom was not alone in her condition, and they all had seen similar cases.

It’s actually much worse than just my mom’s case, however. I learned that many patients who had already experienced ALS actually died accelerated deaths because of the vaccine if they got it.

The worst part, overall is the fact that these clinics had talking points. There had to have been some response coordination, because they all said my mom had to have had ALS beforehand. It was incredibly disgusting to hear these clinic coordinators try to explain away the situations.

I will do anything I can to help bring the actual truth to light. I loved my mom with all my heart. She was healthy and we believed these horrible people.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms


Which solutions were not helpful?


What would you like others to know?

The ALS Association has to know exactly how many existing ALS patients died accelerated deaths after receiving the vaccines. Further, they also must know how many died from ALS that started as a result of the vaccines. And even further, my guess is that there will be a preponderance of ALS-like deaths from states or regions that were more open to getting the vaccines then the regions that were less likely to get the vaccines. ALS is a basket of conditions where the cause is relatively unknown. My mom died from conditions similar to ALS, and so it was ruled ALS by an ALS authority.. In reality, she died from “instant onset” ALS, which doesn’t exist, except in vaccine-related cases. If there’s some way to get the data from the ALS association, it will show spikes for new ALS occurrences and also ALS deaths, as a result of the vaccines, especially in those areas where people were more open to getting the vaccines, and during the time period of 3/21 to 6/22 (many ALS patients will have different experiences, but my guess is that the data will show the spike). For clarity, the ALS Association will have this data, because they do a better job of nationally tracking and managing ALS cases that the US government does. For a family dealing with ALS, they facilitate the recycling of expensive, home-use medical equipment, such as hospital beds, wheel chairs, motorized chairs, bed cranes / hoyer lifts, door ramps, and many other products. They also facilitate integrating a variety of home healthcare providers and Radicava IV providers. They know everything about every ALS patient in America. They know about every existing ALS patient that died more quickly after the vax, and every new patient that experienced ALS symptoms from the vax. Hopefully this helps. I do not want my mom to die in vain. I miss her terribly. It breaks me down every day. She did not deserve the hell she went through. I never want this to happen again to someone else. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you. NOTE: I DO NOT agree to allow React 19 to share my testimonial publicly on its website, social media, or webinar platforms. I further DO NOT AGREE that my testimonial will be posted publicly and React 19 cannot prevent third-parties from sharing it once public. — I would like to speak with your organization. Your form does not allow for that without clicking the button below. If there’s an alternate box to share this info, it definitely was not obvious to me.
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