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Joshua Turchanski

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was a healthy 33 year old man, with a career in welding and construction. I was doing all things that any normal 33 year old would do, hiking, in the mountains with my friends. Backyard bbqing, exercising my dogs, doing everyday household chores. Just a normal life.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Extreme lower back pain, day 1 and day 2 after the Moderna shot, that within a month progressed into sharp heart and chest pain, aches all the body, electrical shock pain, in random body parts, electrical shock pain in the genitals, anus . Tinnitus, dizziness, weakness, sensitive feet. Dizziness, fainting light headed ness. Extreme fatigue. I have shortness of breath. eyepain and sensitivity to light and noises.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

NONE - I live in Canada, and it took literally 13 months for my internal medicine specialist to get serious about tryint to treat the pain. The pain is still not under control, with gabapentin. I take Naltrexone, low dose to see if it will help with the pain. I smoke pot, and I still have pain. In 16 months I have not had a normal day ever since the shot. Everyday is a battle.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Prednisone, did not help. Tylenol doesn' help. Tried naturopathic therapys, black seed oil, pine needle tea, and NAC, did not help. Ozone therapy 6 sessions, no effect on pain, made it worse. Current meds of gabapentin and Naltrexone, do not help. Tried a month of Chinese herbal medicine, no help.

What would you like others to know?

Do not take the shots. They have caused an inflammatory response in my body that has taken away my livelihood and my quality of life is terrible. My mother supports me and I have a dog to keep my mental health lifted. I live in Canada, Alberta, were shots were mandated or you would lose your job. Our prime minister is pushing these vaccinations. It was my body their choice. Canadian medicine is socialized, and is 20 years behind on research in most health issues. Getting medical appointments, you can be on a list for over a year. 3 Doctors, discounted my symptoms, said it was in my head. The medical system was bulled and silenced by our corrupt federal government.
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