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Judi A Dewaters

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I've always been fit/athletic. I'm 67 and spent years running, hiking, biking. I cleaned homes (using organic/safe solutions) for 8 years. I luv the physical demands of cleaning. I developed gluten intolerance/latex allergies post chemo/post silicone implants. I developed symptoms I believed to be breast implant illness, fatigue/pain throughout my body/wheezing lungs/migraines etc. I have appt with rheumatologist 2/3/23 to see if its fibromyalgia.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

October 2021 I started having allergy type symptoms. Weepy eyes/stuffy nose/neck itching. I took my 3rd jab/booster 1/14/22.

My reaction was brutal. After that my symptoms got much more severe & began having heart palpitations, migraines, dizziness, debilitating fatigue. I was suffering so much with those symptoms that my anxities were off the chart & i couldn't work, function in any way.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

I was dignosed with MCAS/histamine intolerance I got a referral to a naturopath who started me on a supplement regime that included nearly 30 supplements & it was overwhelming taking them all according to; 15 minutes before meal, in between meals, with or without food. I have to make sure that i don't eat leftovers from fridge. My food has to to be as fresh as possible. I immediately freeze batches of chicken i boil in small jars & put in freezer to be thawes quickly & consume quickly. It cripples me socially. If i go to friends for dinner i take my own food to be safe. I travel with my own food on ice. The supplement regime has helped a lot but I'll spend the rest of my life with this injury from the covid 19 jabs i took. The only reason i took the jeans is because i worked cleaning elderly people homes & didn't want to find out i was a carrier & make my homeowners sick & potentially harm them. The combination of supplements help me but are extremely expensive & I'll be forced financially to cut back/stop some of them.

What would you like others to know?

Dont3take the jab!! If you do your life will be forever changed in a negative & crippling way!
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