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Kandy Bryson

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

My husband and I own a farm, I was very active with the cows, goats, hay season, my grand babies, sewing, and my passion I bought used items at good will or yard sales and redid furniture recovered chairs we had a garden we loved to fish and just swing in the evenings and watch the cows I loved anything outside my flower beds and repoting plants swimming in the creek

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

March 19 2021i got the first moderna vaccine sore arm the red bullseye on the arm headache body aches and pains

April 20th I got my 2nd vaccine because my 8 month old granddaughter was having open heart surgery the only way I could be with her and my daughter at the hospital was to be vaccinated I got my shot 3 days later we went to children hospital I didn't feel good but I thought it was nerves we were in her room waiting for them to take her to surgery the whole room started to spin and I started throwing up it didn't stop . My husband had to drive 4 hours to. Pick me up I had to leave my child and grandchild at the hospital alone I threw up all the way home I hoped laying down would help. I noticed a noise I kept hearing it got louder and louder then we went to the hospital they gave me medication for nausea and sent me home I don't remember days at a time i went back they did the BP and table tilt test blood work nothing was found. Then MRI and MRA all was found was a white spot on my brain and nodules on my thyroid they doubled in size and amount the next month they did a FNA come back stage 3 removed my thyroid had ENT check my hearing no hearing loss blood work test nothing. Symptoms continued Tinnitus vertigo brain fog fatigue headache stacked vision, reynauds cramps in my toes so bad they were awful I would have sweats so. Had my hair and clothes were wet, hammering heart, bruises for no reason then nausea. low blood pressure that I had to have IV's and almost pass out if I went from sitting to standing I have never found anyone to help me

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Meclizie and zofran they removed my thyroid other than that absolutely no help

Which solutions were not helpful?

There was no solutions nobody helped me

What would you like others to know?

Never feel like your alone and never stop telling your story and never give up
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