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Karla Kerr

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was a 69 yr old woman who golfed 3 times weekly, went to the gym 2 or 3 times weekly, and very active otherwise, with some limitations due to arthritis. (couldn't do a lot of gardening due to back - a bit of trouble with agility, but nothing worse) Still walked and hiked and could do most everything else. I have had, in the past 10 years, two times when my back was bad (moderate facet joint arthritis) and I was bedridden for a few days, but generally, if I don't abuse it and don't garden for hours, I'm fine. I have grandchildren who before the shot I had, knew grandma had a tough time getting up and down but that I was always willing to play and go to the park with them. Mostly what I remember, is my husband and I taking them almost every weekend during Covid, on about a 5 mile walk to the one coffee shop with outdoor patio - for lunch and an outing when we were so restricted. And 5 miles home. (kids were in strollers) Pretty fit for my age.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

The day after the vaccine, I woke up with a severe headache and could barely move my arms. The pain was incredible. I was sick for about three or four days, then got better, but my arms remained a big problem. I could not golf for months and only managed it a few times last summer. (turned out upon MRI to be severe tendonosis of the shoulder tendons connecting to bicep). After a month, my back became so bad, I could not walk. That gradually subsided with treatment. Within a few weeks, I could not walk again due to a groin issue. I was pretty much housebound during these attacks, and had to use a cane just to get to the bathroom. While these attacks continued on and off all summer and even worse in the fall and winter until a few months ago), then my knee (which I had never previously had any issues with) started hurting a lot. Last, my ankle, in August, started hurting as well. While my MD denies any discussion about it being from the vaccine, (that's IMPOSSIBLE) I was able to find a back/pain specialist at a private/public clinic who took over my care. He did x-rays and MRIs (eight of them in the end) and besides the mild to moderate arthritis I already knew about, there were many issues. He sent me to a rheumatologist and since then I've had three cortisone shots, (two in knee, one in shoulder - I did not want to but I was in so much pain I gave in) but his opinion is that I need a knee replacement. Cortisone did nothing for my shoulder. I know of no person who had no issues and then suddenly needed a knee replacement! I've seen a foot specialist about my ankle, and he thinks it will require surgery but not before we try everything else. This snapping pain has made me fall unexpectedly a couple times, and I can no longer safely go for walks of much duration, and hiking is out of the question. I've been treated by an osteopath, a chiropractor (renowned - I drive an hour each way to see him twice per week) and a physio - dozens and dozens of treatments. Also a naturopath for injections for my shoulder issues. I spent all winter unable to go to my winter home, because I can't fly without second vaccination - but even more because I was so incapacitated, I didn't care to leave my doctors. I've had countless blood tests, nerve conduction, a nerve block, and I'm considering nerve ablation in lower back. I've been told that it was a major inflammatory attack. The back/pain specialist says he has seen others with similar symptoms from the vaccination. I am slowly getting better in some regards, and hope to golf again one day - as well as my previous activities. I recently had Covid and it was quite mild, no issues there. I now have handicapped parking (though I am getting better, I still need it at times), several canes, a walker, and walking poles, along with a prescription ankle brace which helps a bit, along with special fitted shoes. I do a full hour of physio exercises and breathing daily.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Finding out (mostly) what was wrong, and doing everything possible to try to find the right treatments. I have been somewhat successful, and I would say the chiropractor and the Osteopath have helped me the most. But this chiropractor is different than most - he's 72 and been practicing and curing people and their bodies for 50 years. The 2nd cortisone shot (1st one not so much), put my knee into complete remission - for several months now - and I am hoping that whatever happened from the shot is slowly wearing off. (though they say I have a Baker's cyst, a torn meniscus, and pseudo gout in there - still, never a twinge until after the shot) I also haven't had a major back or groin "attack" in several months. I also did quite a bit nutritionally and put myself on a protocol (Root Cause protocol). Also supplements which I read about through the FLCCC doctors. From the Root Cause protocol, I realized that plying myself with huge amounts of Vitamin D and certain other supplements was perhaps wrong, and since I started following it, I am doing better. Probably a combination of many things.

Which solutions were not helpful?

I felt that the mainstream doctors mostly wanted to give me painkillers and do surgeries (knee replacement - that won't be happening until I know there is nothing more to be done) (back ablation - this was a much more minor pre-shot issue and I probably won't do it as kind of risky and only short-term) and though I took a bit of tylenol when I absolutely had to, I have yet to try any of their pain solutions. I do, however, wish to have the ankle surgery if the prescription brace doesn't work - if by fall none of the physio stuff I am doing has solved it - so that I can get my life back. That one issue really does keep me from doing what I love most, even when there is other improvement. What also didn't help was people (some of them my friends) who when they asked why I wasn't going to desert for the winter, and I told them - just clammed up and didn't want to discuss further. Some people just don't believe vaccine injuries are anything but imagination - although that may be changing somewhat slowly. Even now, when my golf acquaintance's expect me to join the leagues, and I say I cannot due to body problems, they don't want to know anything more when I mention it started with the vaccine. It amazes me. People are different now, I am finding.

What would you like others to know?

That once you take the shot you can't go back. I took it despite not wanting an experimental drug because of the pressure coming at me from many directions and there was a new baby in the family I wanted to go visit - my daughter insisted I needed it in order to come. (We get along very well but she is very pro-vaccine and was genuinely worried) It's been even worse pressure to get the 2nd, even with some of my loved ones that know what it did to me the first time. It's unbelievable - no-one ever cared whether I had the flu shot or not. I can afford to pay for my treatments and all those MRIs etc. but I want people to know that if they have a vaccine injury, it is very likely even their MD won't help them. And certainly, if they can't afford some pretty expensive treatments on an ongoing basis, to be cautious. I guess there is no way of knowing if you are going to be injured, but I think it's pretty obvious now that the vaccines were almost useless anyhow and maybe even more harmful. I don't know why anyone in their right mind would get one to be honest, now. It's revolting that vaccine injuries are not being acknowledged by these companies making billions - some of that money should obviously be paid into a fund for these injuries so that people who cannot afford treatments, can get help. The silencing of the medical profession, the lack of early treatment, (except by those doctors willing to put their profession on the line, all heroes) the silencing and ridicule of those with vaccine injuries - the FDA ignoring their usual rules, it all makes me angry. I no longer have a lot of trust in the FDA, the CDC, or any other regulatory agency - they are all too much in bed with those they are supposed to be "watching". There is so much wrong that I can't even express it all. I want people to know that we've been had, in my opinion. Why we would ever trust companies that have lied before and paid out billions in damages - is beyond me. I can't even believe I had the first vaccination - very foolish of me.
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