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Katie King

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Full time in person work schedule; youth coach; single thriving mom of 4 humans and 3 fur babies; attending social events with friend s and family; managed mixed connective tissue disease with no daily medication needed ( DX 2015) I was happy and thriving.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

7/23/21- about an hour post vaccine-right side weakness; confusion; coordination imbalance; hearing issues; fast heart; falling blur vision.

8/2021- follow up care found pappilidema- and LP deemed intracranial pressure too high ( RX- diamox- locked jar up and could not stand- discontinued ) - massive confusion an emotional outburst. enlarged lymph nodes neck to groin- neck visible to touch- Drs recommended second dose as i was " high risk for severe infection of covid "

8/30/21- second dose pfizer- no stroke but 2 weeks post vaccine i was in ED with pulmonary edema - sent home to follow up with PCP whom treated me for pneumonia with high steroids and inhaler . healed in about a month.

10-11/2021- swelling all on right side; chest pain on set- ED told me it was indigestion rx fomatadine- did not help

12/2021- covid infection ( dec 26) i was mildly ill at home about 9-10 days with one pretty tough scary day but no hospital- went back tob work after 14 bday at home quarantine - jan-hospital- LC on set-there more i need more space..

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Tpa infusion; red light therapy massage herbal teas l glutamine hydration-liquid iv oxygen therapy diet changes pain meds anxiety med stopped smoking eliminated alcohol

Which solutions were not helpful?

diamox fomotadine allergy pills ** adding to my timeline-1/22-7/22 - lymph node growth; oxygen low; enlarged organs on imaging-; tachycardia; blood pressure issues; blood sugar issues ; 5/22-PET scan showed hypermetabolic lymph nodes with high uptake- also that month possible mini stroke in ED lost ability to walk- with high BP-tachycardia ; 6/27/222- surgically removed right deep cervical lymphnodes for lymphoma protocol- no cancer found but pathology found granulomas throughout- i do not have treatment and i have had the hardest time getting any help. I have started my own at home care and after many months i am back in the office working; struggling but far from where i was before

What would you like others to know?

You were lied to. Its not your fault. You did what you thought was best for yourself and others. It isnt fair but we can heal together . We are the face of change in healthcare, together. This was not safe and effective for every single human. I even searched the national rheamatology for safety and it recommended i get it; i do not understand why i am so sick an dwhy so many dismiss me
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