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Kirsty Jarrett (Munslow)

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Had Fibromyalgia/ ME Epilepsy / Fnd ? Neck back issues Mobility issues ankles feet Use stick / crutches Sometimes wheelchair

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Starting few hours after taking it

Increased seizures nosebleeds muscles spasms intense pain flu like symptoms increased headaches dizziness weakness fatigue balance issues slurred speech blurry vision

This continued for 4 weeks plus

Saw a osteopath to help with muscle spasms as completely seized up and in acute pain.

Gp thought I may have Atxia did referral to Neurologist

This didn't happen ? My Neurologist declined referral I believe??

I have continued to have on and off symptoms on going taking falls knocking myself out and injuries due to balance etc.

Then I had issues with lump back of throat some enlarged lymph glands so referral to throat specialist. Did procedure found thickening down throat say OK? Still having issues now will swallowing . I have some nodules on thyroid gland but again OK?

Previous MRIs were clear so since vax MRI show show pituitary atrophy some thickening seen base of tongue down throat some slight flattening of optical nerve.

Potential for Intracranial hypertension noted as a warning when I had this privative assessed

Also pineal gland cysts noted.

Bloods done some changes but disputed with NHS GP and when I spoke with private GP re looking at kidneys also.

I have on going issues with feeing like going to pass out of standing up to quickly or leaning over or from lying position to getting up so this is probably all related to possible brain stuff detected.

Increased headaches eye issues pulsating tinnitus increased fatigue muscle weakness and muscle wastage weight loss. Housebound

Heart issues now checked out at A&E no heart scan said oesophagus spasms?? Referred to gastroenterology awaiting appointment.

I get missed beats in pulse and I can feel it as my heart jolts !!

Awaiting scan on liver as my stomach keeps swelling and appetite awful .

I see a regular Chiropractor which I pay for to help me as I have neck and back issues made worse by countless falls and knocking myself out and big seizures Also every 4/ 6 weeks so this is to help put me back in alignment.

I have just had another NHS MRI last week on back and neck to see if any changes on the previous which I have made them record as vax injuries as were not there before vax !!

So all investigations symptoms on going to date and still struggling to be taken seriously.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Using private CHIROPRACTOR used private GP consultancy for validation

Which solutions were not helpful?

N/ A

What would you like others to know?

Keep fighting Be your own best advocate We must be heard
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