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Kliftin Snyder

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

No Tinnitus @41 years old, buff and no other ailments, vision 20/40. Normal lipids panel except slightly elevated cholesterol which has been normal and high testosterone over 800.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

My shot dates are relative but basically a strong and sudden onset of tinnitus 48 hours after taking the Moderna shot in Stuttgart Germany. Some of the Tinnitus is high pitch ring (both) throb like when you yawn or stretch (both), wet finger on wine glass (left) and clicking (right). This has not gone away over a year later and everything below with the exception of Tinnitus may or may not be related to the vax.

A week later, I had to get out of bed due to some uncomfortable chest condition that I couldn't explain. This happened maybe 4 times. The doctor put me on a treadmill and said I can't possibly have a heart condition because I ran the mile too quickly but I did experience off and on days of no energy but who knows everyone has there bad days (week) so I'm not putting much weight on that.

Perhaps a coincidence but the audiologist said the Tinnitus was most likely caused by the Vaccine. In fact, JJ has it on the label I believe. My first shot was JJ a year prior in Bagram Afghanistan and did cause a slight ringing in my ear a few weeks later but I stopped noticing it until until 48 hours after the Moderna shot. The JJ shot earlier that year made me sick within hours and lasted for 3 days, convulsing and wheezing uncontrollably and a large headache all for the first 8-12 hours.

Maybe unrelated but my vision took a hit from 20/40 to 20/50 I think it was (mostly far sight took a hit suddenly and I mean quickly while I was walking down the street but this was 3 months later so I can't contribute the vaccine to it and my optometrist said it was most likely because I turned 40.

Also possibly unrelated but days after the JJ, I had to see a doctor for allergies for the first time in my life. I never was so red and swollen before. I couldn't explain it other than the shot. But I'm only adding this for data mining in case we find out in the future that it does heighten your allergies.

To be clear, there's no doubt the vaccine caused my Tinnitus due to the timing and that is confirmed by the audiologist. The fact that I have no hearing loss helps this case as hearing loss can cause Tinnitus. A quick google search shows Tinnitus can be caused by blood clotting. On a side note, I had a shimmering in both eyes months later which caused temp blindness for 20 minutes. Never had that happen before and may be completely unrelated but a quick google search also mentioned clotting or blood flow.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Prednozone and Pantoprazol Tebonin, over the counter (amazon) herb pills or whatever it is did nothing of course.

What would you like others to know?

I was lied to about the vaccines safety and effectiveness yet I have no recourse or ability to sue over my Tinnitus. I never wanted the shot to begin with but I was in Afghanistan and was pressured to take it or risk either not being able to go on vacation or go home (right before the pullout of Afghanistan) Some of the pressure came from my lead Todd Lewis whom I remember arguing with in a technical meeting regarding base closures whom said to me (I wish I can put all the unvaccinated in a wagon and put it on fire) Can't forget that one. The Moderna shot months later was my colleagues fault as he told me that the hotel that I stay in was going to kick me out if I didn't get vaccinated thus drove me there during my indoc period where I had yet to settle and had to carpool. I was done dirty by my colleagues, by the government, by institutions like big Pharma including myself for not trusting my intuition and allowing myself to be pressured by the the state controlled minds of our society who listen to too much Rachael Madcow and main stream media whose shows are now sponsored by the very institutions like Pfizer, creating a conflict of interest by profiting from pushing these experimental drugs while at the same time disallowing dissent by silencing those that cause vaccine hesitancy on the very show they sponsor. That organization would also include the DHS whom captured social media in order to silence anyone whom creates vaccine hesitancy online including talking about their Tinnitus like I'm doing now. Had I known the actual risk vs reward in a non captured society, I could have pushed back harder. And the rewards are also minimal as even the CDC or Pfizer new it doesn't stop transmission or the spread. Dr Campbell is reflecting a UK study showing for every life saved, 4 are lost due to vaccine related deaths and all cause mortality to include cardiac. This was and maybe will still get me kicked off most platforms if you simply read what social media considers vaccine hesitancy. I was not political before this or watched the news but was forced to in order to figure out why I have Tinnitus and now I know. Now my only recourse is to cheat on my taxes and write this message in the only free space or safe space I have available to me ironically in the most free country in the world. Everything can be explained by corruption. No wonder why we're supporting Ukraine. Birds in a feather flock together.
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