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Lynne Hicks

Tagged with:Tinnitus

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

normal : A physician in excellent health

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Tinnitus noticed sometime after the second vaccine. Relentless high pitch sound in ears.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Ringing is continuous. Just keep busy and stay away from extraneous loud or high pitch sounds. Otherwise the tinnitus has not subsided.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Have not found any solutions.

What would you like others to know?

I am writing this on behalf of my husband. I am a retired RN and he is a 40 year practicing MD as well as a professor of medicine. He received his second dose 1/8/21. I am writing on his behalf because he is very busy. It is really hard to see someone whose injury was caused by a vaccine and who has no underlying health problems and is physically fit. Because there is ringing in his ears constantly, he is very concerned, to say the least. The vaccine and booster shots need more research and large randomized studies. Also, the symptoms were reported to Vaers but it seems that tinnitus is being dismissed. A while ago, I saw where 10,000 folks had reported ringing in the ears after a vaccine. Just imagine if you had constant ringing in your ears. People need to make their own health risk assessment on whether a vaccine or booster is right for them. (note: vaccine was developed for the original Wuhan strain). The CDC and White House Health administration, Big Pharma, FDA need to come straight and educate the public and not play in to divisiveness. There are many doctors that get grant money through the NIH and are not speaking out. The pharmaceutical companies need to apply their billions into making sure effective research and non-biased data is being done. Let's take care of the elderly and the vulnerable. Pushing the vaccine on children and healthy people when there has not been vast amount of randomized studies done, is not good medicine. There has been a campaign of fear and divisiveness. Otherwise educated folks just do what they are told. Everyday, someone asks me the question, "have you had your second booster, yet." These are the words of Lynne Hicks, a spouse who is empathetic to injury caused by the pfizer vaccine. Also, I am highly concerned about the collective trauma indured by all the misunderstandings and biased information.
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