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Magdalena Rosolowska

Tagged with: Heart Issues,

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was very active 32y old woman. I loved to bike, swimming etc.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

My current symptoms are: swelling, sweating, paresthesia, joints pain, weird sensation all over my body, my muscles are tired after 10 min of walk, temporary arrhythmia, headache, white spots on my skins and rushes, my legs or arms sometimes shutdown by themselves, sometimes starting to shaking like in Parkinson disease, pain over all body, brain fog. I have a lot videos and photos which prove what's going on.

I took my shots of Pfizer vaccine in June 2021 and August 2021. I didn't take a booster. After first shot 1 week after i experienced strong pain in my left arm and left leg (the same side where shoots were given). I contacted my GP, who directed me for Doppler examination and blood test. Ultrasonography and blood test for clots didn't show any anomaly. Problem was still there. Doctor suspected issues with my spine, however rehabilitation didn't help, also x-rays of my back didn't show up any related problems. Symptoms continued until November - December, then i get sinusitis and issue magically disappeared. In February of 2022 my closest family get Covid - my son and my partner. I lived with them during this time and i didn't got a Covid ( i was tested with PCR test 3 times over 1 week of their illness). My partner was vaccinated as well. I made test for level of S-proteins antibodies and N -proteins antibodies against and i had only S-protein antibodies which were related to vaccine. N-proteins antibodies creates only if we were infected and i didn't have them. However, S-proteins antibodies were still on high level (6 months after my last shot). In June of 2022 i started to develop strange symptoms, I lost feeling in my left cheek and i had blurred vision in my left eye. First I suspected issues with my teeth, but 3D x-ray of my all teeth didn't show any problems. Next, i visited neurologist. He directed me straight to hospital. I was examined with CT head scan, eye doctor examined my eyes, nothing suspicious was found. They decided, that I should stay in hospital for further exams. They made MR with contrast of my head and neck, nothing suspicious was found. Cerebro-spinal fluid was tested, it was ok except proteins which were above normal, but not so much to gave me diagnose. Multiple sclerosis, neuromyelitis optica and other neurological diseases were excluded. Lyme disease was also excluded. Doctor administrated 5 doses of steroids, which didn't help. After 1 week in hospital the worst nightmare begun. I faced arrhythmia, sensation of internal electric shocks, I lost hair on my legs, awkward rushes from nowhere which didn't respond for antihistamines medications, I felt thirst (I drunk over 5 liters water for day), I had of feelings cold or hot spots all over my body, once i lost feeling in all of my teeth, and i sweat a lot. I was directed second time to hospital, I got MR angiography (good results), nerve conduction tests, electromyography and more. Nothing was found and i was discharged without any diagnosis. I visited several specialist (around 15 or 16), I checked my hormones, vitamins, minerals, rheumatic diseases, endocrine diseases, viruses as EBV, CMV, Herpes, tick-borne diseases, venereal diseases etc. I think that i checked everything what was possible, but still I have no answer. Neurologist suggested neurosis, I visited psychiatrist, I take SSRI medication for over 7 months without effects. My psychiatrist said, that it's not a mental issue. Only thing which was not normal with blood tests, that I have neutrophils or lymphocytes above the norms (one time is neutrophils, one time is lymphocytes). Lymphoma and other cancers were excluded as well. In August 2022 I tested again my S-proteins antibodies levels and their are still high. In December 2022 I made test again and S-proteins antibodies lvl didn't changed. N-proteins antibodies still are not present.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

As far there is no solution, steroids didn't helped, Lyrica helped with tingling sensation over all of my body, but rest of the pain and fatigue is still present.

Which solutions were not helpful?


What would you like others to know?

That Covid vaccines are not 100% safe as it was told to us in media.
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